Police vs firemen: coming to a mall near you

Canberra as a city is full of the weirdest events, performances and fundraisers you are ever likely to see.

You want to see circus performers? Check out pretty much anything the ACT Government organises.

Nice Christian boys singing and dancing in matching t-shirts? Garema place, every lunch time (you can’t miss them, they carry an enormous cross).

Showgirls? Bonjour France. Summertime. Canberra Centre fountain.

But this afternoon something special is taking place, ACT Firemen and Policemen are going head to head on treadmills at the chess board in Garema Place (directly opposite the giant goon-bag sculpture).

I repeat, fit, hot men, uniforms, possibly shirtless, on treadmills in public. Ladies, get down there ASAP.

There is a sausage sizzle (sausages not as good as Cancer Coucil ones, but they’re still open for business and it’s getting dark).

There are firetrucks and all kinds of emergency response units cluttering up the urban spaces – thankfully the petunias have long been packed up for the winter.

If you are an arsonist or burgler now is the time to act, the authorities are busy running on the spot and trying to raffle off a Brumbies’ rugby jumper in Civic.

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