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DON’T you hate it when people take themselves too seriously?

Have you noticed how serious everybody seems to be these days?

It might be the continuing insecurity generated by the GFC, or the negative political and media climate, but where has all the fun gone?

Parents agonise about holding Timmy back from starting kinder this year while watering down his orange juice, IT departments block access to Facebook, cameras are banned from school athletics carnivals and ambitious young Gen Ys map their career paths out five jobs ahead and lose sleep over their Klout scores!

Here’s a list of things that are really serious; a gravely ill loved one, and… well… nope, that’s about it!

If you are in health care, a social-worker, the police and emergency services, or are serving in Afghanistan, then I give you permission to be serious, but guess what? Clown doctors are proven to help sick children get better, many an old cop has defused a potentially dangerous situation with a well-timed one-liner and Aussie troops are renowned for their battlefield sense of humour.

Why? Because in the words of the iconic (well, iconic to me) DVD yoga instructor Baron Baptiste, they “take their practice seriously, but themselves lightly”.

They are able to do their own jobs with utmost professionalism, but know when it is time to lighten up.

So, please, lighten up people, the worst that could happen is that you actually have a good time.

Ricky Bryan, marketing manager

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