Moje glass work raffled for art’s sake

WHEN it comes to the art of glassmaking in Canberra, there is no bigger name than that of Klaus Moje.

Klaus Moje

Klaus Moje

Founding head of the glass workshop at what is now the ANU School of Art, Moje is a giant figure on the Australian and international glass scenes, having attained celebrity status in his native Germany and in the US.

Now news is to hand from the Glassworks that Moje has donated a valuable work of art, pictured here, for a high level raffle aimed at the supporting the work of the institution.

Raffle work from Klaus Moje, from the ‘Roll Up series, 2007. Photo by Johannes Kuhnen

Raffle work from Klaus Moje, from the ‘Roll Up series, 2007. Photo by Johannes Kuhnen

With an estimated value of $17,500, the work is from Moje’s 2007 “Roll Up” series.

The raffle tickets of $50 each are limited to 450 in total and are, Glassworks Manager Bev Growden suggests, “a great option for Christmas presents”.

The initiative is Moje’s and all proceeds from this first Canberra Glassworks Collectors Raffle will be directed to the Canberra Glassworks Foundation to support Canberra Glassworks Creative Fellowships or other special projects directly providing direct benefits to artists. Indeed at a function held in the Glassworks last week Moje outlined his vision of “self-help funding”, in which artists bring in their work and the proceeds go out to artists.

The Moje piece is now on display in the Canberra Glassworks foyer. Tickets are $50 each, and available to purchase at Canberra Glassworks, or over the phone 6260 7005. Details at

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