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Pillow-pocket PJs ease pregnancy sleeping discomfort

My Comfy PJs… “Supportive and not bulky like a big pillow,” says Kylie. “The pillows help keep pelvis, thighs and knees in line, reducing tension.”
My Comfy PJs… “Supportive and not bulky like a big pillow,” says Kylie. “The pillows help keep pelvis, thighs and knees in line, reducing tension.”
ASK any new mum and they’d tell you about nature’s cruel joke – that sleepless nights start far before the baby is born!

In the third trimester of pregnancy, hormones are released to loosen the ligaments and tendons in preparation for childbirth. This can cause pain in the knees and other weight-bearing joints making a good night’s sleep a frustrating experience, just at the time when more rest is needed!  

Physiotherapist and new mum, Kylie Janssens says that finding a supportive position in bed can be a challenge for pregnant women and they can feel increasingly stiff and sore after resting.  

“Women find sleep increasingly uncomfortable and unrefreshing as their pregnancy progresses. They are unable to sleep well because of back, pelvic and leg pain and complain of not being able to find a comfortable position,” says Kylie, the principal physiotherapist at Sportscare and Physiotherapy in Weston.

Kylie was invited to trial new “pillow pocket pyjamas” during the last four months of her pregnancy.

Physiotherapist and new mum, Kylie Janssens.
Physiotherapist and new mum, Kylie Janssens.

Invented by My Comfy PJs company founder, Jonathan Handley says he came up with the solution to soothe his right knee, which he injured when landing badly after killing a cockroach on a wall with a karate kick.

He designed My Comfy PJs with internal pillow pockets in the pyjama leg. “The pillow-pocket pyjamas make it comfortable to sleep knee on knee, helping maintain good posture while sleeping, preventing common hip and lower-back problems and not disturbing sleep like loose pillows,” says Jonathan.

He says after launching the pyjamas last year he immediately received feedback from many women recommending the business design a pillow-pocket pyjama for pregnant women.

“A common reaction to the pillow-pocket pyjamas was: ‘I wish I had these when I was pregnant!’ So I realised I was on to something,” says Jonathan.

Jonathan knew Kylie professionally and, being aware she was pregnant, asked her to take part in the trial.

“I started using the pyjamas when I began to feel uncomfortable and they were terrific!” says Kylie.

“They are supportive and not bulky like a big pillow. The pillows help keep pelvis, thighs and knees in line, reducing tension.

“The longer time spent asleep without feeling uncomfortable, even just one hour block of sleep without tossing and turning is so important when you are pregnant.”

Kylie used the pyjamas up until her baby boy, Edmund, was born in October.
“As a physio, my message is that if you do have aches and pains, you don’t have to live with it! Try to get help as there are many options out there that can help you,” she says.

Samples of My Comfy PJs are available for inspection at Sportscare and Physiotherapy practices in Barton, Bruce, Dickson, Parliament House and Weston.

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