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Grumpy / Legalised littering?

MY beef is the free newspaper that is randomly “delivered” around my suburb by throwing it from a car window somewhere in the general direction of the front driveway.

“No junk mail” signs are disregarded and these “newspapers” are mostly encased in a plastic wrapper that disintegrates at the slightest suggestion of moisture, blocking gutters and making a mess of footpaths.

This must be surely a case of legalised littering?

Any doubts, have a look at Clive Steele Avenue in Monash. The ACT government banned the practice of sticking junk mail under windscreen wipers many years ago, but is this not the similar distribution of unsolicited junk mail?

Maybe the distributors of the unwanted newspapers could be made to retrieve their litter before subsequent deliveries.

Am I the only one who finds this practice annoying?

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