Grumpy / Fair go for pedestrians

Reader SANDRA EXALL is grumpy about how pedestrians are treated by cyclists and motorists.

IT’S good to see so many people cycling to work and I fully support good facilities for cyclists. On the other hand, pedestrians are not so well provided for.

Some areas lack footpaths and nature strips, and roads can be narrow with blind bends giving pedestrians the only option of walking in the road, which can test even the most alert motorist.

It seems to me that the funds that could be used to build new footpaths are being used to repair existing paths that have been damaged by inappropriate tree plantings along suburban streets.

Despite this, it should be possible to budget for new footpaths where none exist at present.

The cheapest option has been to paint a line down the middle of cycle tracks and call them “shared” paths.

Unfortunately, at least half the cyclists give no warning of their approach and the only indication of their presence is a “whoosh” as they come alongside. It is very intimidating because just one step out of line and one would become a casualty.

Also, I have found some drivers ignore pedestrian safety at zebra crossings. At Casey shops I was waiting at the kerb. A vehicle had stopped on the other side. Several seconds had passed when a driver drove through without a glance. She had ample time to slow down and stop. If I had not waited for a few seconds to ensure vehicles had stopped on both sides, I would have become a casualty.

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