Review / ‘Jill Bilcock: Dancing the Invisible’ (M) ****

Jill Bilcock

THIS delectable documentary, describing the creative role and techniques of the editor in filmmaking and honouring Australian editor Jill Bilcock, is a journey among 34 dramatic features and five miscellaneous others that she has edited, beginning in 1984 with “Strikebound”.

Offering a tantalising reminder of bygone and beloved films – stories, characters, players – it’s a movie enthusiast’s delight, a sampler combining award-wining and workaday films and people to ring nostalgia bells and explain her creative contribution to their impact.

It’s not a Film School lecture in Editing 101 – nor would you want it to be. In selecting the examples that it illustrates, you may notice omissions. Who, apart from me, remembers “Lillian’s Story” (1996) which I recall for Toni Collette in particular among a slew of Australian acting aristocracy?

Got a favourite Australian film? If it has creative and artistic merit, chances are that Jill edited it. Not all of them are Australian. For her filmography, go to that indispensable movie-fans’ resource, the IMDb. Her reputation is international.

As well as writing and directing the film about Jill Bilcock, Axel Grigor also edited it.

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