Canberra brothers dream up a community-owned club

Rohan, left, and Dallas Proctor

TWO Canberra brothers have plans to bring a community-owned nightclub to Canberra. 

The co-founders of The Dance Co-op, Rohan and Dallas Proctor, want to create a not-for-profit, member-owned co-operative, so members can collectively decide on all aspects of the venue from artist programming to fit-out and bar menus.

“We want to open a nightclub that has a great dance floor, cheap drinks and an inclusive atmosphere,” Rohan says. 

“These days, young people don’t get much say on how the venues that we keep afloat operate, from the kinds of events being run, to the drinks menu, to how we’re treated that the door.”

Rohan says their plan for the club is to get about 200 Canberra residents to contribute $300 to purchase part of the local nightclub.

“As part owners, members will feel responsibility for the venue, which will empower them to make the Dance Co-op a welcoming, safe and inclusive space for everyone,” he says. 

Dallas, who founded the Canberra Student Housing Co-op in 2011, says: “We want the community to own the club. This will be their space. This means that all members will get to have their say as to how the club is run.”

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