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Canberra Today 16°/18° | Sunday, December 10, 2023 | Digital Edition | Crossword & Sudoku

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Celebrating the amazing women paving the way

This week, “CityNews” shines a light on successful businesswomen, who offer insights and inspiration from their respective fields.

AS the leader of “CityNews” I am delighted to present our “Women in Business 2022” feature. 

It’s one of our best and biggest and I couldn’t be more proud of the diverse range of professional women who have joined us in celebrating and promoting the amazing contribution that women make in our business community. 

“CityNews” is proud to have a diverse workforce within our own small family business, with the majority (61 per cent) of our staff identifying as female. 

From the majority of our hardworking delivery team, to our graphic design team, editorial team, arts editor and our senior leaders – sales director Tracey Avery and me. 

The contribution that women make to our Canberra business community is immense and it’s pleasing to have this reflected back in our own small organisation.

Why do we need a “Women in Business” feature? Because it’s still so important for us to see ourselves in the role models that go before us, so the louder and prouder we are of women’s success, the better recognition, support and progress we can achieve for all women. 

Congratulations and thank you to all our valued clients who have joined me to support this special feature, which is close to my heart. And to my wonderful colleagues, I salute you and thank you for everything you do.

Yazzbar owner Deb Hamilton.

Deb’s making Yazzbar a destination

YAZZBAR has become a local institution. It’s an eclectic wine bar showcasing local cool climate wines from the Canberra and Yass Valley area, says Yazzbar owner Deb Hamilton.

“There is live music twice a week, wine, whiskey and gin tastings, courtyard dining and outside fires in winter,” she says.

“It is a cosy place where you can feel comfortable to come on your own and by the end of the night you have made some wonderful friends.”

Deb says while she was manager, the opportunity arose to purchase the business: “and I grabbed it with both hands”.

“I believe in our loyal customers and I love being the hostess with the mostest,” she says.

“Know what you’re capable of and do your research. Do what you love, because then it’s not a job, it’s a passion, a belief. The days won’t be so hard or long with challenges that can arise.”

Deb has a vision to make Yazzbar a destination and a plan to put Yass on the map.

“The next big event the Yazzbar is hosting is Yass Wine Fest. Held on Saturday, November 12, 3pm to 6pm,” she says.

“In conjunction with Clementine & Thyme to Taste Emporium, Yass Wine Fest will be showcasing some of our amazing local winemakers – Capital Wines, Mallaluka, Lake George, Murrumbateman, Pankhurst & Sapling Yard.”

Yazzbar, 81-85 Comur Street, Yass. Call 0434 105119, or visit

Successful Alliances director Karen Groves.

Karen brings empathy to her business

SUCCESSFUL Alliances was started in 1999, after director Karen Groves met an MYOB certified consultant who really inspired her.

“I was fortunate to have her as a mentor and referrer for several years,” she says.

“The business has evolved from offering bookkeeping services to now encompassing bookkeeping, payroll services, including STP, management and board reports as well as consulting to businesses on accounting software and related apps.”

Karen says Successful Alliances likes to create alliances with clients, to be an extension of their internal team.

“Our pricing model allows for clients to call and email us without fear of additional fees, like they would phone or email an internal staff member,” she says.

As a woman in business, Karen says she brings empathy to her work.

“It gives me an extra layer of understanding and perhaps a different perspective to various situations,” she says.

“My advice is just go for it! It’s scary but very rewarding. Look 10 steps into the future and be adaptable.

“I love to help people so running a business feeds the nurturing side of me. I enjoy helping clients streamline their business and reduce their stress, and enjoy giving time to my staff so they can grow and learn.”

Successful Alliances, 14/26-28 Napier Close, Deakin. Call 6196 9496, or visit


Rebecca overcomes her arthritis to help others

Arthritis ACT CEO Rebecca Davey.

ARTHRITIS ACT CEO Rebecca Davey is proud to lead a team of specialists who help Canberrans deal with all different types of pain and chronic conditions.

Diagnosed with arthritis when she was young, Rebecca was told by many she’d never be able to do nursing as a result – something she was passionate about pursuing.

“I spent a lot of time in hospital in my teen years and I loved and was inspired by what the staff did,” she says.

“I wanted to do what they did and I wanted to show those people who said I can’t that I could.”

Now with a degree in nursing, midwifery and business, Rebecca passionately combines her skills as head of Arthritis ACT.

Since she took on the role of CEO eight years ago the organisation has grown exponentially, having gone from a team of only three to 25.

Now, whether it’s chronic or neuropathic pain, the effects of osteoporosis, or anything else people may be suffering from, she says there’s no pain too little or too big for them to help with.

“Support is what we do and even if that support is just being a place for women to come somewhere safe to talk then we’re definitely here,” she says.

“All of our programs and classes have the option of being women-only so that we can make clients feel as comfortable as possible.”

Arthritis ACT, building 1, Colette Place, Pearce, and building 18, 170 Haydon Drive, Bruce. Call 1800 011041, or visit

Tweak Home Staging owner Skye Mendl.

Skye says confidence builds success

TWEAK Home Staging was established in 2014, and has continued to grow, says owner Skye Mendl.

“After having two children, I thought starting my own business doing what I love and believed in would provide the flexibility around a young family,” she says.

“With the support of my husband and children who have helped me believe in what I visualised for Tweak, we have created a business beyond our initial hopes.”

Following a career in human resource management, Skye studied home staging before establishing Tweak.

“We thrive on the diversity of our projects; the variety of properties we style and the agents and clients we work with,” she says.

“Combining a love of property, helping people and being creative is a dream job.

“I enjoy the flexibility to build and operate the business how I want it to be and not feel I have to follow traditional rules or structure. We have grown organically and achieved our goals at our own pace to fit in with our personal values and family life.”

And, Skye says, Canberra is full of opportunities for women to start a small business.

“My top tip would be to not doubt yourself and assume the business will be a success,” she says.

“Establishing boundaries to assist with your work/life flow can also assist in you being able to sustain the many roles you need to perform.”

Tweak Home Staging. Call 0407 465476, or visit

Anna Neilan, left, and Lucy Stramandinoli of Neilan Stramandinoli Family Law.

Hard work pays off for legal Lucy

LUCY Stramandinoli, of Neilan Stramandinoli Family Law, believes it’s important to establish a connection with clients from the first time they meet.

“I have worked in the legal industry since I was 17-years-old, that’s over 30 years. I started out in admin and developed a passion for law in that time.”

Lucy studied law while raising her young children: “that was so much hard work”.

“Having two daughters myself, it is important for me to set an example to them,” she says.

“I never thought I would own my business and now I wish that I had done it sooner.

“It has been a lot of hard work starting from scratch, but choosing the right business partner who shares the same goals and morals as you do makes the load a lot easier.

“It has also meant
that we could create a work environment and choose staff who share our goals and morals, which makes for a very happy, productive and meaningful place to work.”

She says her advice to anyone wanting to start their own business is “do it!”

“Ask lots of questions of those who are in the industry you want to open your business in, make sure that you follow the rules and regulations, and make sure you surround yourself with people who tell you ‘you can’.”

Neilan Stramandinoli Family Law, suite 2, ground floor, 11 London Circuit, Civic. Visit or call 6152 0493.

Julie Tongs… “I’m not your generic CEO. I’ve had a chequered life, and I’m a little bit left of field.”  Photo: Holly Treadaway

Julie’s leading the way in health care

WINNUNGA Nimmityjah is an Aboriginal community controlled health service, says CEO Julie Tongs, and there are 144 Aboriginal community controlled health services nationally.

Julie has been the CEO of Winnunga for 25 years, and says her vision has always been for Winnunga to be a leader in the provision of primary health care.

“Winnunga is a leader in providing comprehensive primary health care and is pivotal to the overall health system in the ACT and surrounding NSW region,” she says. “Winnunga clients come from 324 suburbs.

“In the 21/22 financial year Winnunga provided 92,000 occasions of care to 8295 clients.”

Julie says this included COVID-19 vaccinations, testing clinics, telephone consults, walk-in services to GPs, as well as psychologists, psychiatrists, podiatrist, optometry, physiotherapy, dieticians, drug and alcohol help and mental health nurses.

“In 2019, just before COVID-19 lockdown, Winnunga commenced a large-scale building project, which was quite challenging,” says Julie.

“However, we were able to deliver a brand new $20 million fit-for-purpose building, which was funded by the ACT government, Commonwealth government and Winnunga.

“The building is outstanding.”

Clients come from all walks of life, Tongs says.

“They come to us because they feel safe here and not judged.”

Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health and Community Services, 63 Boolimba Crescent, Narrabundah. Call 6284 6222 or visit

The Q’s artistic director Jordan Best.

Jordan wants to leave a legacy

THE most important thing for The Q’s artistic director Jordan Best is to keep pushing through the glass ceiling, so that being a woman in business can be easier.

“That’s a legacy I’d be proud to leave,” she says.

“I’m passionate about supporting regional artists, and what better place to do that than in a gorgeous regional venue? It’s small enough to feel friendly and big enough to hold a musical.”

Jordan says art and culture survive the death of civilisations.

“I believe that contributing to the ongoing development of the arts in our society is the best thing I can do with the skills I have.”

Jordan has been artistic director at The Q for two years, but before that she was artistic director at several independent theatre companies.

“I’ve been working in theatre for the last 20 years, just not in such a grown-up, official capacity,” she says.

“I think, as women, we are so ready to take on criticism, and we are often judged at a very high (unreasonably high) standard, but you don’t need to buy into that. You deserve your success, and you’re allowed to make mistakes.

“We launch our season at the end of November, and as a woman in business, I think it’s vital to support other women, so 2023 is full of women in the arts – on and off our stages!

The Q, 253 Crawford Street, Queanbeyan. Call 6285 6290 or visit


Riana has a thirst for learning about beauty

Riana Janse van Rensburg.

RIANA Janse van Rensburg has been working in the beauty industry for more than 38 years, and is the founder and director of Aesthetic Medicine Canberra and Dermaplaning Australia.

“I have always had my own businesses. I have always worked for my own money,” she says.

“Growing up, my dad said I should only depend on myself for income.”

Aesthetic Medicine Canberra – previously Riana’s Health Skin Care Clinic – was founded in 2010, and is a dermal skin clinic specialising in skin ageing, Riana says.

Dermaplaning Australia was founded in 2013, and is a supply company for all dermal products and runs training across the country.

“Beauty is a tough industry to be in,” says Riana.

“But I have never seen it as a competition, always a challenge. I have never lost focus on my goals.

“Through my passion for the health and beauty industry from an early age, and being brought up with a family who owned a pharmacy in South Africa, I undertook relevant training and qualifications to enter the profession.”

Riana says she had a thirst for learning, which continues to this day.

Aesthetic Medicine Canberra, visit, or Dermaplaning Australia, visit

Award-winning real-estate agent Maria Selleck… she has personally achieved an unsurpassed 65+ record-price sales with 96 per cent of her listings sold at or above the asking price.

Maria gets top results with minimum fuss

MARIA Selleck, director of Maria Selleck Properties, started her business in 2009, almost 14 years ago, to combine a love of real estate and a love of helping people.

“My motivation is to make a positive contribution, to raise the bar, and to make a difference and this driving force has been squarely focused on my providing the best possible service to my clients,” she says.

Establishing her brand and a reputation in what was then a male-dominated real estate industry was no easy feat – taking time as well as both hard and “smart work”.

“As with many new businesses, I have to confess that I have had my share of heartaches and disappointments, and it was a steep learning curve especially in the early years,” she says.

“With the help of my wonderful team, I did get through all of this, but I have learnt a lot during the last 14 years.”

Maria says she has received multiple local and national achievement awards and her dynamic style and willingness to go the extra mile ensures she gets top results with minimum fuss for her clients.

“Many of my clients have not only become clients for life, but also very good friends,” she says.

“We have just moved from our Manuka building and are temporarily working from our home office. Details of our new location will be advised shortly. However, it is business as usual.”

Maria Selleck Properties. Call 6162 1234, or visit

Studio Pilates co-owner Tammy-Jo Hunter.

Tammy-Jo continues to learn and grow

TAMMY-Jo Hunter wanted an opportunity to run her own business while taking advantage of her experience as a physiotherapist, and Studio Pilates offered that opportunity, she says.

“It allowed me to launch a proven, mature business model in the ACT,” she says.

“Since opening the Braddon studio in November 2021, I enjoy the satisfaction and challenge of running a business while also helping people achieve their fitness and health goals.

“We have opened three studios within nine months and have learnt a lot in a short period of time and continue to learn and grow.”

Her husband, and co-owner, Simon says Tammy-Jo is the “driving force behind it all.”

“She loves that opportunity to help people. We get a lot of people with ailments that are improved by the development of core strength and stability issues,” he says.

And Tammy-Jo’s advice for women wanting to start their own business?

“Do your due diligence, surround yourself with great people – we have an amazing team here at Studio Pilates – and keep a growth mindset,” she says.

“Choose to enjoy the experience and remember to breathe, especially in the tough times.”

Studio Pilates. Visit


Dale loves making dance lessons fun

Dale’s Ballroom Dancing owner Dale Harris.

TEACHING a range of classic dance styles, Dale’s Ballroom Dancing offers a fun way to get fit, socialise and compete in a friendly environment, says owner Dale Harris. 

With medal classes on every Thursday from 5.30pm, Dale says she loves to welcome anyone to come and learn regardless of age or experience.

“We have people of all ages coming in for the classes,” she says.

“One of the great things about it is the fitness. You don’t realise how much exercise you’re doing, you’re constantly on the move.”

Dale is an expert in many styles of dance including New Vogue sequence dances, standard, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, Viennese waltz, and Latin cha cha, samba, jive, rumba and paso doble. 

Backed by more than 25 years’ experience teaching dance, she started dancing at the age of six, when she developed an interest in ballroom dancing. 

She’s since received many qualifications in ballroom dancing and is also a championship adjudicator who travels interstate to judge ballroom competitions. 

Adult social classes are on every Wednesday from 7pm, and courses are run every seven weeks.

“Anyone can join. You can just rock up on the night and we can get you caught up in the course as we need,” she says.

Social dance is on every Monday from 7.30pm, “everyone and anyone is welcome”.

Dale’s Ballroom Dancing, 6/38 Reed Street North, Greenway. Call 0407 066110 or visit

Ogee Facial Rejuvenation owner Dr Deanne Carr.

Dr Deanne has a passion for facial rejuvenation

DR Deanne Carr owns and operates Ogee Facial Rejuvenation. After practising dentistry for many years, Deanne says she is passionate about providing facial rejuvenation to help people both look and feel fantastic.

“Dentists have comprehensive knowledge of the structure and development of the face, including an intricate knowledge of the skin, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels and how they affect facial movement,” says Deanne.

“They also understand the processes that cause ageing and deterioration of the face, and methods to reverse these processes.”

In early 2017, Dr Deanne completed the initial training course in Dento-Facial Aesthetics with the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA). 

It was at this course that Deanne says her passion for this specialised area of dentistry was born. Since then, she has completed many other courses through AADFA and has been working as a practical trainer with the Academy since 2020.

Deanne’s studies and experience have culminated with her being inducted as a Fellow of the International Academy of Dental Facial Esthetics (IADFE) New York in December.

“I don’t go beyond what looks natural and what makes you happy,” she says.

“My focus is on providing realistic advice, a natural look, and for my patients to look and feel their best.”

Ogee Facial Rejuvenation. Book online at or by texting 0409 720635.

Ashilpa matches experience with passion for law

Wills and estate planning lawyer Ashilpa Khanna.

WILLS and estate lawyer Ashilpa Khanna, from Capon and Hubert Lawyers and Mediators, says she’s proud to represent a law firm with a work culture that’s both professional and supportive.

“Capon and Hubert is one of the very few firms in Canberra which works like a tight knit family,” says Ashilpa.

“Most of our staff have been working here for over four years including myself and some for as long as eight to 14 years.”

“I think that speaks volumes in terms of the management and directors we have – a very supportive work culture which can be rare in this competitive industry. 

Having always had an interest in law growing up, Ashilpa’s career has seen her work as a paralegal as well as practising in areas of civil litigation and migration law, but wills and estate law holds a “particular place in her work life.”

“Wills and estate law is a vast area which can involve anything from drafting documents to running contentious claims in the court so you get a feel of all sides of the practice,” she says.

“There’s also superannuation, an area of law which is evolving rapidly.”

When it comes to pursuing business as a young woman, Ashilpa says diligence is key no matter what the field.

“It pays to learn from those who are much more experienced in the community,” she says.

“There is no end to learning and working at perfecting your knowledge and skills.”

Capon and Hubert Lawyers and Mediators, first floor, 32-38 Townshend Street, Phillip. Email, call 6152 9203 or visit

Infinite Consulting founder Maritza Tein.

Maritza brings personalised service

INFINITE Consulting was established in 1998 because founder Maritza Tein wanted to provide clients and contractors with a more personalised boutique service for information and communication technology recruitment needs.

“I enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit of businesses and making a difference to our community and our society,” she says.

“We strive to develop strong professional relationships and take pride in our ethical standards to build trust and integrity.

“Some of our capabilities include a flexible, personalised approach for both candidates and clients, trusted supplier on federal and state government panels, one-stop recruitment provider with full payroll services and salary packaging and certified recruitment professionals with decades of experience.”

Maritza says with women in her business, she can provide a heightened level of emotional intelligence, diversity of thought, passion and fairness to business.

“My advice would be to connect with other women entrepreneurs for advice, build a strong team who are passionate about your vision, have confidence in yourself and your business, be proactive to learn, strive for balance and never lose sight of your core business idea,” she says.

Infinite Consulting, Unit 8, 86-88 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon. Call 6257 8888, or visit

Litza Cooper from Capital Nordic Walking.

Litza is motivated to help Nordic walkers

LITZA Cooper is perfectly equipped to deliver great results in building healthy communities with Capital Nordic Walking, says founding director Kristen Pratt.

“Litza is a highly motivated and experienced instructor, currently managing a successful personal training and group fitness business,” Kristen says.

“Litza is a highly motivated and experienced instructor. Her vast health-professional experience enables her to meet the many and varied needs of people learning to Nordic walk – including different ages, fitness levels and health challenges such as arthritis, cancer and people with neurological conditions.”

Litza says Nordic walking can improve total body strength, balance, and promotes better functional movement in everyday life.

“The success can be felt almost immediately by participants in our sessions,” says Litza.

Capital Nordic Walking has instructors providing courses in Tuggeranong, central, and inner-north Canberra.

“But we haven’t yet been able to meet the many requests from people living in Gungahlin who want to learn to Nordic walk,” says Kristen.

“Women have an innate ability to understand emotions and engage with others in a naturally generous, friendly and caring way, ensuring that everyone is okay and enjoying themselves.

“When it comes to accomplishing goals and building solid workplace relationships, the feminine touch and skills like empathy, intuition and optimism of our female instructors benefits our clients, partners, and the reputation of our company.”

Capital Nordic Walking. Visit

Socialise Hair owner Amanda Harrington.

Amanda loves making clients look and feel good

AMANDA Harrington, owner of Socialise Hair, says her staff are friendly and approachable, and they have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

She opened Socialise Hair three years ago, and has 16 years of experience in the hairdressing industry.

“We’re just a small salon with a great team and beautiful clients,” says Amanda.

“Every client deserves to feel and look amazing, and that’s what we endeavour to do. Make people feel good about themselves.

“A woman can walk into our salon feeling miserable, but she’ll walk out on cloud nine with her self confidence high, which will help her mentally.”

Amanda says Socialise Hair is more like a family than just a team.

“We’re always together here. It creates a really comfortable and happy atmosphere, which encourages client interaction,” she says.

Socialise Hair provides cutting, styling and colouring services, as well as hair extensions and moisture and protein treatments.

Amanda says Socialise Hair was a finalist in the Local Business Awards, but the most rewarding part of the job is making people feel beautiful.

“Our clients are important to us. We love spending time creating beautiful hair and awesome friendships.”

Socialise Hair, 117a Anthony Rolfe Avenue, Gungahlin. Call 0422 456690 or visit

The team at Higher Function Physio & Pilates.

Janet finds success for staff and patients

THE highly trained team of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists at Higher Function are lovely, says CEO Janet Fabbri, which is exactly what she wanted when she started the business.

Having worked as a physiotherapist and a musculoskeletal physiotherapist specialist for 25 years – in addition to raising a family – Janet started Higher Function Physio & Pilates in 2013.

“I built Higher Function to be a business where I would want to work as an employee,” she says.

“Having worked in urban, rural and private practices in Sydney, Toowoomba and Canberra, plus a military hospital and a pain clinic, I knew what sort of practice works best (and what doesn’t) – not just for patients but for staff, too.

“We try to empower people by educating them. In our classes we talk about why we’re doing a certain exercise.”

Janet says she still finds it incredibly rewarding to see people make progress and reach their goals.

“We help our patients perform better physically, reducing pain and stiffness, by giving them the science behind their exercise, specific physio and exercise physiology treatment, and ongoing support and care,” she says.

Higher Function Physio & Pilates, Suite 4, Level 1/23 Petrie Plaza. Call 6262 9664 or visit

Nancy Server of Nancy Server Gallery.

Nancy has an eye for lively art

THE Nancy Sever Gallery opened in 2014, and presents a lively program of monthly exhibitions, says director Nancy Sever.

“In representing artists we do more than simply offer an exhibition space. We collaborate with them in curating their exhibitions and we act as their agent on an ongoing basis,” she says.

“The gallery’s commitment to its artists is what makes us stand out. Our business model is set up to genuinely support artists. They bring their work to the gallery and the gallery covers all the costs of presenting a solo exhibition.

“Our exhibitions are intellectually stimulating and highlight achievements in the visual arts by leading Australian contemporary artists.

“Life is richer if art is central to it.”

Nancy says it is a privilege for her to work with talented artists who use their creativity to focus on or highlight different aspects of life.

“I think that women acquire very good organisational skills while juggling family and work and are good at multitasking. These skills, together with professional experience in the area, are essential in running a small business successfully,” she says.

“You have to have confidence in yourself and your business, realise that working for yourself is more than a job, it has to be a lifestyle, connect with other female entrepreneurs and be prepared for hard work. You have to be tenacious and remember, it takes time.”

Nancy Sever Gallery, Level 1, 131 City Walk, Civic. Call 6262 8448 or visit


Attention to detail brings Amanda success

AO Aesthetics’ owner Amanda O’Neill.

AMANDA O’Neill launched her small business, AO Aesthetics, in June. “I opened it after completing a six-month study period with industry leaders PhiAcademy,” she says.

“We offer semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos in microblading brows, incorporating shading for more defined and realistic-looking brows. We also offer small tattoo removal without using laser techniques.

“I am a career dental nurse, who has years of experience in nursing for facial-rejuvenation treatments. This understanding of facial anatomy and my passion for optimising youthfulness has led me here and it fits so well.”

Amanda says her attention to detail, as well as being well-trained, has held her in good stead and allowed her to stand out in the industry.

“I love being my own boss…  I love being able to set my own boundaries and not be worried about upsetting the apple cart,” she says.

“The best part of my business is seeing the faces of my clients when they look in the mirror at their brow transformation.”

Amanda says the smile on her client’s face at the end of a session “says it all”, and she’s thankful to her family, friends and clients for all the love and support she has received while studying and launching the business.

AO Aesthetics, C05/1 Boolee Street, Reid. Call 0400 605577, or visit

The Crystal Chalice owner Lilitu Babalon.

Lilitu has the word on witchcraft, wicca and paganism

THE Crystal Chalice is a shop in Gold Creek with a focus on wicca, paganism and witchcraft.

The owner, Lilitu Babalon opened the shop 18 years ago, to originally sell books and music, but transformed it when CDs went out of fashion.

The Crystal Chalice now sells crystals, wands, jewellery, ceremonial items, books and herbal tea.

“There’s a really big growth in people interested in paganism, wicca and witchcraft in Canberra and there really isn’t another place they can go. The people in my shop have over 50 years’ experience between them, that’s what we offer,” says Lilitu.

She says if people need help or support, they can visit The Crystal Chalice because she has a lot of knowledge, and it’s a place people can go to feel safe.

“It’s really nice to have a job that I’m interested in.
I like it and that’s the main thing for me,” says Lilitu.

The Crystal Chalice, Shop 3, Gold Creek Square, 7 O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls. Call 0434 112320 or visit

Wanda Wojciechowska, left, and daughter Aimee of WW Accounting.

Wanda & Aimee like to solve problems

WANDA Wojciechowska and her daughter Aimee manage WW Accounting, a small accounting business in Red Hill.

Wanda started WW Accounting in 2013, but has been in the industry for more than 20 years.

“Aimee has stuck with me in the job for six or seven years now. She’s amazing, a great support,” says Wanda.

Wanda says that family is always number one.

“When I started, I had a family and young kids and sometimes it was hard. I felt like it was hard because I was a woman.”

She branched out on her own because she found in previous jobs, the client weren’t receiving a very personal service.

Wanda says her meetings with clients are a friendly get together and the clients leave smiling and satisfied.

“We help them with the issues that they have. It’s like doing a puzzle and usually we can solve everything. I love helping people and seeing them happy and I get the satisfaction of knowing I helped them.”

WW Accounting, PO Box 42, Red Hill 2603. Call 0400 083938 or visit


Nicole says success is in the detail

Xhibit Interiors director Nicole Mackay.

XHIBIT Interiors has been in business part time for 12 years, but director Nicole Mackay recently decided to “take a leap of faith” and made it her full-time career.

“I am incredibly passionate about all things property so I can offer multiple services that complement each other to my clients,” she says.

“I have been doing this kind of work for around 15 years. I chose this career path because it’s in my blood.

“Services we offer include commercial office furniture fitouts, residential renovations, property styling and property decluttering and organising.

“I love working with my clients to create beautiful, functioning office spaces for people to thrive in, or dream home interiors for owners to relax in.”

Nicole says it’s a great feeling to be forging her own pathway as a woman in the property industry.

“It is also wonderful to be involved with other like-minded women who inspire and challenge me,” she says.

“You have to surround yourself with good and positive people that will encourage you.

“Set goals and define a vision of what you would like to achieve, and be the solution to your clients problems.”

The motto of Xhibit Interiors, Nicole says, is “the magic is in the detail”.

Xhibit Interiors. Call 0412 481133, or visit

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