Captain America: The First Avenger ? ? ? ?

Reviewed by Cameron Williams STEVE Rogers (Chris Evans) wants to join the army during World War 11, but is deemed unfit for service. His chance comes...

Monica shoots for the stars

Canberra has a movie industry? It sure does! FREYLA FERGUSON discovers the quiet successes of ScreenACT TWO years ago, film producer Monica Penders was living...

Hanna (M) ? ? ?

FOR director Joe Wright, writers Seth Lochhead and David Farr have confected a screenplay combining scientific fantasy, a teenaged secret agent, a bunch of...

“Big Mama’s Boy” (PG) no stars

I’LL never know nor care how director Franco di Chiera and co-writer Frank Lotito brought their little one-gag Aussie movie to its end. It’s their...

“The Conspirator” (M) ★ ★ ★

ROBERT Redford’s film telling the story of Mary Surratt’s trial and eventual execution has some resonance with 21st century proposals for the trial of...

“Larry Crowne” (M) ★ ★ ★

LOOK at Tom Hanks. Doesn’t that guileless, open, uncomplicated face bespeak warmth, dignity, honesty, diligence? Sure, he can play bad guy with the best, but Larry...

“Bad Teacher” (MA) ? ?

I NEVER expected to see Cameron Diaz looking unattractive but she does in Jake Kasdan’s discordant hymn to bad taste playing Elizabeth, employed as...

“Beautiful Lies”(M) ★ ★ ½

THE news that in her early sixties, after 94 titles and eight awards, French actress Nathalie Baye plays a principal character in Pierre Salvadori’s...

Not-so-wild about Harry

“Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows part 2” ? “DEATHLY Hallows Part 2” takes 130 minutes to unroll, including closing credits but not a...

“From Time To Time” (PG) ★ ★ ★ ½

BETWEEN 1954 and 1976, Lucy M Boston set six spooky novels for children in the fictional country house that she called Green Knowe. The...

Arabic revolution and romance

• FEATURING revolution, romance and stark reality, the Arab Film Festival is in Canberra until July 21 at the Arc Cinema. Settings...

“Mr Popper’s Penguins” (G) ★ ★

AMBITIOUS property developer Tom Popper (Jim Carrey) lives apart from his wife and children. Tom’s globe-trotting mariner father sends him six penguins. Tom converts...

“The Tree of Life” (PG) ? ? ? ?

Much of Terrence Malick’s visit to a small Texas town during the 1950s also lacks plot, defined structure and scripted dialogue. Reminding ...

“The Trip” (M) ? ? ? ½

I’VE no information about the genesis of director Michael Winterbottom’s travelogue around the north of England and Wales, but once conceived, ...

“The Human Resources Manager” ? ? ? ?

THE foundation for this Israeli comedy is a suicide bomber’s victim whose body has been in the Jerusalem morgue for a month. She had worked...

“Little White Lies” (MA) ★ ★ ★ ½

AFTER a night of clubbing, Ludo rides his moto through dawn-deserted Paris streets. Intersection. Delivery van. Whammo. In hospital, his chums agree that as he’s...

“Bridesmaids” (MA) ★ ★ ½

THE SMS shorthand most closely fitting  this chick flick satirising American wedding traditions is OMG. Kirsten Wiig, who also plays the principal character Anni, has...

“Sleeping Beauty” (MA) ? ? ? ?

THE audience at the preview of Julia Leigh’s directing debut (she also wrote the screenplay) emerged with puzzled faces and an air of “What...

Festival with a Spanish accent

DIRECTED by Natalia Ortiz, the 14th Spanish Film Festival is a joint tribute to the Spanish zest for life and the third most widely-spoken...

Latin pride hits the big screen

The seventh annual Latin American Film Festival in Australia is bound to be quirky, unpredictable and full of emotion, says arts editor HELEN MUSA WE...




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Arts editor HELEN MUSA shares Canberra’s newest gallery openings


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