Dining / Dropping into Molly’s mysterious world

"“-35° 16’ 46.45” S – 149° 7’ 35.23” E = directions to Molly. You can’t get more precise directions to a bar. Don’t look for a sign, neon lights, or a sandwich board with an arrow pointing you the right way, says dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

Master of lustre glazes: Greg Daly

art “Reflections” ceramics by Greg Daly, at Belconnen Arts Centre, Emu Bank, Belconnen until October 19. Open Tuesdays to Sundays, 10am to 4pm. Reviewed by Meredith Hinchliffe

Review / Flogging a dead horse

theatre “Equus’” Written by Peter Shaffer, directed by barb barnett for Canberra Rep At Theatre 3, until October 11. Reviewed by Len Power

Review / ‘The Skeleton Twins’ (M) ** and a half

IN California, Milo (Bill Hader) writes: “To whom it may concern, goodbye” on the back of an envelope then slits his wrist in the...

Review / ‘The Immigrant’ (M) ***

THE plaque attached to the plinth supporting the Statue of Liberty quotes from Emma Lazarus’s sonnet “New Colossus”. “Give me your tired, your poor, your...

Dining / Meeting a passion for pizza

A FRIEND of mine isn’t keen on pizzas. Fair enough, but to be honest I don’t get it: what’s there not to like? Now, I’m...

Review / ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ (MA) **

IN Robert Rodriguez’s violent, angry filming of Frank Miller’s cartoon strip fantasy views of the underbelly of American society, this city sleeps by day...

Review / ‘We Are The Best’ (MA) ****

IN Swedish filmmaker Moodysson’s dramatisation of a cartoon strip by his wife, schoolgirls Bobo and Klara, soon to start climbing puberty’s upward slope, want...

Review / ‘Wish I Was Here’ (M) ***

IN his second film after “Garden State” (2004), director Zach Braff plays aspiring actor Aidan, upon whom life’s burdens, while individually relatively minor, are...

Review / Griffyn sorely tests its audience

music "House on Fire" The Griffyn Ensemble At the National Gallery of Australia, Saturday, September 13. Reviewed by Ian McLean

Review / ‘Tarzan’ (PG) ** and a half

JOSEF Stalin reportedly once said that Edgar Rice Burroughs was his favourite author. Burroughs’s eponymous hero of the African jungle has been around on paper...

Review / ‘The Giver’ (M) *** and a half

THE progenitor of Phillip Noyce’s film is a novel by Lois Lowry set in a world that might be the mirror image of the...

Review / ‘Night Moves’ (M) ***

MOTIVATED by confused environmental conscience, market-garden labourer Josh (Jesse Eisenberg), rich kid Dena (Dakota Fanning) and layabout Harmon (Peter Sarsgaard) are planning to make...

Ristorante doing something right

“Tosolini’s is going strong in a market where new places to dine appear so fast it makes your head spin," says dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

Review / ‘Bethlehem’ (M) *** and a half

IN writer/director Yuval Adler’s feature debut, Israeli secret-service officer Razi (Tsahi Halevi) is running a mole in an extremist group – Hamas, Palestinians, whatever;...

Review / ‘Into the Storm’ (M) *

STEVEN Quayle’s second feature (in 2011, I gave half a star to his first, “Final Destination”) “Into the Storm” cost $US50million and Americans have...

Dining / On fire in Braddon

“Blackfire’s only been open a couple of weeks but it won’t take Canberrans long to discover it," says dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

Review / Dylan thrills and disappoints

music Bob Dylan At the Royal Theatre, Friday, August 29. Reviewed by Judith Crispin

Review / The magical ‘Dream’

theatre “The Dream” By William Shakespeare, directed by Peter Evans Bell Shakespeare At The Playhouse until September 13. Reviewed by Joe Woodward

Review / ‘Magic In The Moonlight’ (PG) *** and a half

WOODY Allen’s latest film is a whimsical confection that Noël Coward might have recognised as reflecting his style – the upper classes at play,...




Hydrotherapy pool stays… for now

Following talk around the closure of Canberra Hospital’s hydrotherapy pool, Arthritis ACT CEO Rebecca Davey is reassuring everyone that it won’t close until the ACT government finds a replacement.


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