Wine / Prosecco, it’s as Aussie as lamb chops

"Prosecco is as Aussie as lamb chops because it comes from grapes formerly known as prosecco and is grown here, mostly from the King Valley in Victoria," says wine writer RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Go early, go cheap is the mantra of the times

"Wine Australia says that the fastest growing segment of the wine market was the $6-$9.99 a bottle market with the value of sales in that segment growing 31 per cent in the month to early April," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER.

A termite walks into a bar…

"It is sharing moments of good food, good wine but above all good friends that marks the best in life." We find wine columnist RICHARD CALVER in a mellow mood.

Ken holds court at the cellar door

“Ken Helm is no Mr Bumble; his pronouncements are more Joycean stream-of-consciousness than 19th century social commentary. But he is a heck of a talented winemaker," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 

Wine / Spare the stupor and raise a glass to love

"No matter how you celebrate or what you celebrate with family and friends, make sure that you have at least one toast to your fellow man, to the centrality of love," writes RICHARD CALVER

Meat and fish.. what wine to order?

"The food was ordered: my friend a rump steak and me swordfish. This was a dilemma. What wine could suit both dishes? He wanted to order a red. I wanted to order a white. So, it was either wine by the glass or a compromise," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 

Wine / Airs, graces and decanting

"You decant for two basic reasons: to give wine a chance to breathe and to see off any deposits that might clag up the taste. It’s reds you decant; whites rarely benefit," writes RICHARD CALVER

Wine / From spuds to shiraz, the Mitolo journey

"The evening was punctuated by various exclamations of praise for this intense and complex shiraz." Wine columnist RICHARD CALVER waxes lyrical about a Mitolo shiraz.

Wine / Finding ways of forgiving the French

"Such was my outrage at the time that I boycotted all French wine and food; illogically, I even stopped ordering French food at restaurants," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

There was something in the air that night…

"The quality of a wine can be linked to the place or circumstances where you drank it," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER in an experiment in taste that starts beside a river in the NT and ends in Tathra.

Wine / Forgiveness, a virtue of a decent red

"Age had certainly taken what I bought years ago as a middle-order wine into something quite extraordinary, where smooth hung out like an old hipster," says wine writer RICHARD CALVER

Summer smoke sees off local vintage for wineries

Wine writer RICHARD CALVER looks at the news that there is little likelihood of a 2020 vintage for Canberra wineries.

Wine / Taken in a peaceful, vegan conquest

"At Monster in New Acton there was a fine vegan feast that featured wines from Lark Hill. The combination was superb," writes wines writer RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Putting ‘always pleasant’ to the test

"Dull and boring, I’m afraid, has been my experience with a number of pinot gris: they are anodyne. But..." wine columnist RICHARD CALVER tries to keep an open mind.

Calver / Shattering a couple of glass legends

"The coupe glass is out of favour because it just doesn’t do justice to fizz. The large surface area of coupe glasses means the bubbles pop off far too quickly so the better choice is a flute," says wine writer RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Feeling the love, but it takes 10 years

"I think that even though semillon is unloved by the market I am going to keep looking for bargains where there is the potential to have a truly excellent wine," says wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Amid the vines of beguiling Beechworth

"As I sipped on the Pennyweight 2014 Beechworth Pinot Noir, with its lingering red fruit finish, I agreed with James Halliday that this place is a vinous El Dorado," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

I do miss having a glass of wine at a bar

"I went to the bar and asked to see the bottle: it was a 2018. I asked for the 2016 as advertised, which was poured with a nod of apology and the wine was a different creature," writes wine writer RICHARD CALVER, remembering the days of sharing a drink with a friend... at a bar.

Calver / A glass of nostalgia brings back bad taste

"Hey, I remember watching Michael Jackson when he was black and I remember dancing disco style in a hectic but unco-ordinated way. I’m sure if I drank enough Sable I could do the same right now.

Wine / The chilled and fizzy taste of summer

"Sparkling shiraz is the quintessential Australian wine to drink in the summer… just right for a barbecue where it has the capacity to cut through fatty meats and clean the palate in the best possible way," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 





Movie review / ‘Supernova’ (M)

The relationship between Sam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci) has endured for several decades. Now it is time for them to take to the road to visit old friends before early-onset dementia claims Tusker. "Supernova" is a four-star performance, says movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin


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