Barr gets planting for Floriade

ANDREW Barr has been getting his hands dirty in Commonwealth Park as the planting starts for the 2014 Floriade extravaganza. "With just under four months...

Don’t dismiss the reliable classics

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT says “old-fashioned", reliable plants like rosemary, thyme, heaths and heathers will never go out of fashion.

Gardening / Amazing plant with the ‘wow’ factor

"WOW" is the only way to describe the amazing Viburnum plicatum "Mariesii”. Named after the famous UK gardener Charles Maries (1851-1902), its distinctive, layered...

Gardening / Plant now for winter flowers

NOW is the time to plant for a winter floral display; particularly after the soaking rain, the roots will become established before winter. Some of...

Gardening / Leaves, leaves, glorious leaves

THIS week is all about leaves, glorious leaves, an inescapable part of autumn in Canberra. While it’s also a season considerably more predictable than...

Gardening / Caves hold the secrets of climate change

CLIMATE change is on everyone’s lips and those possibly affected most are farmers, horticulturists (especially commercial food producers) and gardeners. We are seeing hotter...

Gardening: Planting hits purple patch

ERICAS or heaths make a spectacular swath of purple, beloved by visitors to Scotland. They are also indigenous throughout the Mediterranean region and Southern Europe....

It’s hot, don’t panic!

IN heatwave conditions the aim is not to panic, plants are much tougher than most of us think. It is important that trees and...

Opinion / Tram trees go to pot with rigid growing

The controversial choice of trees for the impending tram line are off to a bad start, writes 'CityNews' gardening expert CEDRIC BRYANT

Spring’s promise of blossoms

IT is of interest that Commonwealth Park, home of Floriade, has no blossom trees. When this park was laid out in 1964 blossom trees were...

Gardening / Fertilisers… how different are they really?

“I am often asked about the use of chemical fertilisers, particularly the question: ‘Can I use tomato food on my camellias?’ writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT

Gardening / At home with successful citrus

BUT for oranges, citrus trees, such as lemons, limes, kumquats and grapefruit, all grow well in our region. Typically, oranges need the long, hot...

When colour explodes in the garden

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT praises spring’s colourful gardens, from daphne’s fragrant purple flowers, to pale pink, early flowering clematis.  

Avoid tears at rose-planting time

It's rose-planting time and every year gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT getS questions from readers on why their new roses have died. Here's the answer...

Gardening / Enjoying fuchsias before the fall

MAYBE it’s a strange time to talk about fuchsias, when in only a few weeks their leaves will fall. But it is a great...

Drought-hardy cistus is a comforting sight

Cistus is the perfect drought-resistant plant and its large, fragrant flowers are stunning in early summer, writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT

Gardening / Off with their heads

SILVER-leafed shrubs provide a wonderful contrast against green foliage of flowers in the garden. As an example, Acacia convenyi has been combined with the...

Gardening / And, lo, the blossom is bursting

AS the days get longer and warmer, blossom trees are starting to burst in all their glory, none more so than the spectacular Magnolia...

No better time for the beauty of bottles

Gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT celebrates the spectacular bottle tree. 

Throw bulbs up and plant where they fall

Bulbs will look most effective if planted in drifts of the same colour or variety as one would see in nature or the wild, says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.





Daylight saving means a change in planting

Winter need not be a time of dreary gardens and cloudy skies, for there is a wealth of colourful plants just waiting to be planted, writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.


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