Abroretum brings in record numbers

SHANE Rattenbury says over half a million visitors made their way to the National Arboretum during the last financial year. “In its second year,...

Gardening: Howard’s way with tomatoes

TOMATOES are the most popular grown vegetable or fruit, whichever you prefer, around the world. The range of varieties is astounding, none more so than...

Making the most of euphorbia

One of gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT's favourites is the euphorbia family. And it's a big family with more than 2000 members!

Gardening / Perennial promise of colour

NOW'S the time to get serious about planting perennials, which reward gardeners with colour in the garden for years to come. Plus there's the...

Gardening / Ins and outs of winter gardens

GARDENS in winter can be full of interest, a time of looking at interesting bark on trees, such as the beautiful mahogany bark of...

Mystery of the missing moth

DESPITE the cooler summer, I have found no evidence of codling moth in our apples or invasion of fruit fly. Conversely, the mosquitoes just love...

Make the most of ground cover’s ‘living mulch’

AS the days warm, mulching is vital and now is the time to do some lateral thinking – or perhaps I should say horizontal...

Gardening / Gardeners just want to have fun!

GARDENS shouldn't be solely focused on plants, but should be fun places for adults and children alike. Today I'm illustrating a couple of fun ideas;...

Trees take gardens to new heights

A garden is not really a garden without trees, says gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Orchid show at the Wesley Centre

THE Orchid Society of Canberra’s annual spring show will be held at the Wesley Centre, 20 National Circuit Forrest. Doors will be open to...

No further dog kennels and landscape supplies in Pialligo

SIMON Corbell has announced a draft variation to the Territory Plan with a view to maintaining Pialligo's agricultural heritage. "The key challenge of the Pialligo...

Gardening / Blossoms don’t mean it’s spring

BLOSSOMS from the flowering apricot are tricking some people into believing spring has come early this year. The trees in blossom over the last few...

When daphne’s dreamy fragrance fills the room

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT loves the intense fragrance and winter flowers of daphne.

Autumn and the leaves are likely to fall sooner

Gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT says the leaves are going to be falling earlier this year and summer is to blame. 

Gardening / Leaves give way to winter plans

AT last, all the leaves have dropped and it is time to re-evaluate gardens for winter – as well as summer. A good rule is...

Gardening: What to do about possums?

I AM receiving an increasing number of inquiries about possums, but I don’t have the answer and have unsuccessfully tried all the proprietary products...

Gardening / In awe of colourful autumn bulbs

WITH spring bulbs flooding the garden centres for planting now, it's easy to overlook the wide range of autumn-flowering bulbs. Autumn-flowering bulbs are just...

Gardening / Walter wanted lots of corks

IN 1917 Walter Burley Griffin brought acorns of the cork oak, Quercus suber, from Spain with the vision that the new capital would be...

Hang on to scorched foliage

WITH the distinct possibility of more extreme heat before autumn, it is important not to cut back heat-affected foliage. This will only expose the soft...

Gardening / Camellias grow their rewards

The camellia family is one of the most rewarding of ornamental plants, says gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT. 





The ghost of Pike lives on in 2021 season at The Q

The Q has posted the first half of its 2021 season online, and it looks remarkably familiar, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.


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