Politics: New weapons in the election war

The more a voter finds out the more you realise how much more there is to know, says MICHAEL MOORE

Dramatic moments from the 43rd Parliament

“THE Hansard Monologues” should do for the 43rd Parliament of Australia what “The Vagina Monologues” did for the female body—present it in a new...

Cartoon: dose of dorin

In praise of the ‘humble’ politician

THE new spy HQ in Campbell has been named after Ben Chifley, one of the great heroes of the Labor movement. Although our Labor leaders...

Nash takes a run with Zed for the Senate

NEW ACT Senate candidate Merinda Nash has quickly gone from arranging bouquets to running the political rat race. The Liberal Party’s number two candidate, who...

Missing Julia, the cartoonist’s lament

“CityNews” cartoonist PAUL DORIN bemoans the passing of Julia Gillard from his world in Cartoonland.

The pervasive role of religion in politics

FEDERAL politics seemed pretty rugged on the ousting of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, but how orderly does Australia look compared to politics in Egypt,...

Did sexism sink Julia Gillard?

ROBERT MACKLIN, official biographer to Kevin Rudd who had argued for the re-election of Julia Gillard, looks at the place of sexism in her downfall

Subtle world of Machiavelli Rudd

Kevin Rudd is playing a political game of such subtlety that Machiavelli looks like a gormless amateur, says his biographer ROBERT MACKLIN

Why Canberra needs to vote to protect itself

There is no reason for the leaders of major parties to care what happens to Canberra. And while Canberrans continue to vote the way they do this will not change, says MICHAEL MOORE

Social services see a ‘bleak winter’ ahead

It is a "cruel irony" that Newstart allowance has not increased, while better-off Australians have enjoyed two decades of tax cuts and concessions, according...

When chooks lose their heads

Recent bizarre political events remind MARK PARTON of a headless chook...

Wimpy Labor fails to fight the good fight

Labor has failed to understand the importance of fighting the good fight and, where necessary, going down screaming, says MICHAEL MOORE

Revealed: Why Rudd wasn’t coming back

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Rudd’s authorised biographer and “CityNews” columnist ROBERT MACKLIN reveals the secrets of why the former PM was never coming back

Crean ambushed at arts announcements

There were no prizes for guessing why the contingent of hard news journalists turned up this morning at Parliament House for the announcement of...

Centenary ceremony snub for Abbott

ACT Senator Gary Humphries is unhappy that the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, had not been invited to play a role in Tuesday's...

Preselection shock: Humphries to fight on

ACT Senator Gary Humphries, who was trounced at a controversial preselection contest on Saturday by late entrant and former ACT Assembly Opposition Leader, Zed...

Liberal biffo begins: Moore makes his call

The Canberra Liberals are about to find out that a week can be a millennia in politics, says MICHAEL MOORE

Gary bemoans loss of PS ‘plant power’

COMMONWEALTH Public Service employees have returned to their workplaces to find the New Year has been marked with a deterioration of workplace conditions due...




Painters powerfully capture their subjects’ vulnerability

This exhibition shows that portraiture is as powerful as the real-life subjects that they depict, writes art reviewer ROB KENNEDY.


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