Grand vision of Canberra

IT took some determination, given the hovering pack of press wanting to ask about the Craig Thomson affair, but the Minister for Regional Australia,...

Gallagher calls for urgent meeting with PM

CHIEF Minister Katy Gallagher has requested an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the impacts  of the Federal Budget on the Territory. Ms...

Budget ‘disastrous’ for ACT

ACT OPPOSITION has described the Federal Budget as "disastrous" and a "a betrayal to Canberrans" that "will push them to breaking point through huge job...

Fulfill Budget promises, says Medicare Local

ACT Medicare Local chair Rashmi Sharma said it's disappointing that some mental health services announced in last Federal Budges are still not delivered. However, she...

Christine at the Green crossroads

Will Christine Milne really be able to lead the Greens effectively, wonders political columnist MICHAEL MOORE? Or will the party mirror the steady decline of the Democrats following the retirement of Don Chipp?

Of nannies, bottoms and principles

TONY Abbott’s proposal that the taxpayer pick up some of the cost of nannies for wealthy working mums is part of a strategy to...

Brown quits as Greens Leader

BOB Brown today resigned as the Leader of the Greens and as a Senator. The shock announcement was made this morning, with Deputy Leader Christine...

Welcome to weird ‘Abbottworld’

THE Opposition’s latest attack on Labor’s Craig Thomson took parliamentary practice to a new low and represents the fierceness of the divisive, acrimonious, oppositional...

The bridge too far for Mr Carr?

FOREIGN Minister Bob Carr’s most important task is to get us out of Afghanistan before any more of our best soldiers are killed. I...

Why sporty Kate’s going to be kicking goals

THE well-merited elevation of our own Senator Kate Lundy to the Gillard ministry was almost lost in the excitement of the Bob Carr coup....

Born-again ‘New Labor’ comes out fighting

THE vote to reject Kevin Rudd’s bid was only a few hours old when the “new Labor” came out fighting. The relentless repetition of the...

Start spreading the news…

… New York, New York! Kevin Rudd’s biographer ROBERT MACKLIN says the former Prime Minister will be coming back, but not to the The Lodge...

Labor takes a scalpel to health insurance

LIKE a Robin Hood in reverse, the private health insurance scheme has been taking from the poor and giving to the rich. But now means...

Gillard gambles with a conflict of interest

WHILE Australians lose about $12 billion a year through their addiction to pokies, Prime Minister Julia Gillard stands to lose government with a major...

How Rudd will retake The Lodge

ROBERT MACKLIN says the former prime minister will push for power in July. Here’s the game plan!

Dividend with a downside

As ‘Surplus Man’ Wayne Swan imposes more cost pressure on the public service, DON AITKIN sees the increasing reliance on the efficiency dividend as a mindless act of helplessness

Libs going up in smoke

Listening to the Senate debate the tobacco plain-packaging legislation made MICHAEL MOORE want to vomit!

Abbott’s Canberra: a smoking ruin

The closer one examines the Opposition’s economic plans, the more terrifying it becomes. Especially for Canberra, says ROBERT MACKLIN SHOULD Opposition Leader Tony Abbott carry...

The parliament we deserve

At the second Order of Australia Association-ANU lecture, JOHN WARHURST addressed the theme: “What’s the matter with Parliament?” This is an edited version of...

Leadership and the test for a witch

At a time when there are so many important issues being debated, the mainstream media seems obsessed with leadership speculation, says political commentator MICHAEL...




Spirited protest by school kids in Civic

MIKE WELSH reports from the School Kids 4 Climate Action rally in Civic.


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