How did we lose our compassion?

A FEW hundred boat people have us all in a lather. It might even grow to a couple of thousand. And supposedly our country, our...

Kevin’s sitting loosely in the saddle

Former PM Kevin Rudd has no chance of a comeback. Or has he? It’s all a matter of who you’re listening to, says ROBERT...

Broadband within reach

GUNGAHLIN’s national broadband network roll-out will begin in October with services expected to begin 12 months after. Around 3,000 first release sites in Gungahlin will...

Green future for cars

THE future is looking greener for Canberra drivers. Today, the ACT Electric Vehicle Council revealed their latest promotional addition – a Mitsubishi i-MiEV....
The proposed Majura Parkway.

Green light for parkway

THE Majura Parkway project will receive $144 million in Federal funding, with construction beginning next year.   Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese announced...

Getting Abbott off the habit

“KICK the habit, Mr Abbott.” Them’s fighting words! This is the other face of reforming Health Minister, Nicola Roxon. In her monumental stoush with big...

It’s about our planet, not polls and political advantage

ACT Greens Climate Change Spokesperson Shane Rattenbury writes:

The level of public and political debate in Australia often digresses away from the substantive issues and into the headline issues of who said what, a series of one-liners that provide an over-simplified response to what are serious issues. This week, on an issue that is fundamental to our survival on this planet, we have seen the debate drop to new lows, and in my view, we’ve seen political tactics and spin used in the very worst of ways by a political leader.

Money talks: Labor hypocrisy plumbs new depths

ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries writes:

Julia Gillard was right, the Labor Party did lose its way, and to date it hasn't found it either.

The Labor Party are all over the shop at the moment.  They struggle to have a firm position on pretty much anything but the latest release of electoral donations data shows that Labor aren't practising what they preach.

Minority Government is no unstable black sheep

At an ACT Greens orchestrated "Dynamic democracy" forum in the Legislative Assembly this afternoon, Crikey's Bernard Keane and University of Tasmania academic Kate Crowely strung together the oddities of Australia's current political character under the banner "How minority governments have changed the political landscape in Australia".

Holiday season wrap

Unitingcare Australia national director Lin Hatfield Dodds writes:

Like many Canberrans, I left the capital just after Christmas to have a holiday break with my family.

It was pretty confronting to return to phone and radio range to hear about the floods and devastation across Queensland and other parts of Australia. It put our wet camping experience in perspective.

Andrew Leigh’s electoral office opening bonanza

This afternoon in the alcohol-free sunshine of Braddon the ACT's freshly annointed Fraser MP Dr Andrew Leigh officially opened his electoral office with the assistance of Senator Penny Wong and a varitable who's who of Canberra Labor.

Don’t let memorial fall silent

Liberal Senator for the ACT Gary Humphries writes:

Back in October this year, it was revealed in Senate estimates that, due to funding cuts, the Australian War Memorial Council considered closing the Memorial one day a week as well as cutting the very popular Christmas Carols event.

Since then, we've seen the release of the Department of Veterans Affairs' "Red Book" which tells us of a bleak outlook for this iconic national institution.

Lundy inducted WIC patron

In the sunny summer afternoon yesterday a crowd of 60 odd ladies of ICT and a couple of gents gathered for high tea at the Lobby in the Parliamentary Triangle to see Senator Kate Lundy inducted as a patron for the non-profit group Women in Information and Communications.

Suicide, we can do better

At age 22, I gave the eulogy at the funeral of my friend Andrew McIntosh, who had taken his own life. It was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do.

Barriers to career mums

Careermum's Kate Sykes writes: Dear Ms Gillard, This is a letter from 335 working mums from around Australia including Canberra. Recent changes to the National Employment Standards...

Gary on GetUp! “Strap yourselves in for a bumpy ride”

Guest blog by ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries.

Ever since polling day, we've all known that the 43rd parliament was certainly going to be an interesting one, now the fate of this government rests in the hands of a select few. It means that the Opposition and minor parties have more power than ever before.

But, dangerously, it also gives more power to closet political parties like GetUp!.

Humphries on GetUp!

ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries writes: Ever since polling day, we've all known that the 43rd parliament was certainly going to be an interesting one,...

Counting the Speaker’s vote

Rob Oakeshott must be an independent because he cannot count, writes Canberra legal identity Ric Lucas.

Australia forms Government, ACT Assembly learn about Palestine

Finally the nation can breathe out, we have a Government. No need to fear dissent into Somalia-like anarchy or start looking for Mad Max. There is someone in charge and her name is Julia.

Indecision 2010

Having left the baffling chaos of the tally room I'd been hoping to get a sense of clarity from the parties. What had just happened? What will happen? Who is leading our country?




Pair busted selling stolen goods

A man and woman, who were in the Mazda 3 that rammed into a police car on Wednesday (August 13), were later busted attempting to sell stolen goods. 


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