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Leadership and the test for a witch

At a time when there are so many important issues being debated, the mainstream media seems obsessed with leadership speculation, says political commentator MICHAEL...

Mapping a vibrant Fraser

BELCONNEN Arts Centre has joined forces with Federal Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh to create a giant interactive map of the Federal electorate of...

Greens push terror changes

THE ACT Greens are proposing the ACT Government remove preventative detention from counter terror laws, which currently allow the state to detain people without...

Politicians: where do they come from?

WHERE did our politicians come from before they entered the Assembly? “CityNews” put the question of their past, their present and their future to all...

Liberals in with an outside chance

A big sigh of relief could be heard across Canberra from the Greens and the Liberals on the announcement of the electoral boundaries for...

Bourke leads shop inquiry

THE select committee, which will lead the inquiry into the ACT Supermarket Competition policy, held its first meeting last night, electing Labor backbencher Dr...

Coe confronts drones

THE ACT Government’s point-to-point speed cameras can be used for car tracking by unmanned aerial vehicles or "drones",  according to minutes released under freedom of...

Waggers’ rights debated

OPPOSITION Leader Zed Seselja will today seek to amend the Discrimination Act to allow businesses that choose not to serve wagging students to do so without...

Gallagher to face committee

CHIEF Minister Katy Gallagher’s role in the appointment of the new auditor-general will be examined by a Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly. Deputy Opposition Leader Brendan...

Libs slam wait times

THE Liberals have slammed the first ACT surgery report card, saying the Territory's elective surgery wait times remain the worst in the country. The Government's...

Rail needs a ‘champion’

The Greens are pushing the ACT Government to embrace the "strong opportunities" of light rail, high-speed rail and improved rail freight. Greens transport spokeswoman, Amanda...

Hanson wants dose probe

ACT Liberal Corrections spokesman Jeremy Hanson is calling for an investigation into the Alexander Machonochie Centre's medication procedures following the revelation of a methadone overdose in the jail. “In...

New sculpture attracts PM

“A HUMANE and humble tribute to two great men,” is how Prime Minister Julia Gillard described a new sculpture of former Prime Ministers John...

No needles, no drugs in prison

Removing syringes is crucial to preventing disease, says JEREMY HANSON, in reply to last week’s article ‘The need for prison needles’ IN the best interests...

Turkeys or the right stuff?

Are all public servants turkeys? Or is it just the ones that Bob Brown disagrees with, asks political columnist MICHAEL MOORE? GREENS leader Senator Bob...

How did we lose our compassion?

A FEW hundred boat people have us all in a lather. It might even grow to a couple of thousand. And supposedly our country, our...

The need for prison needles

Has Chief Minister Katy Gallagher lost her nerve under pressure from the prison union to abandon a needle-and-syringe program at the Alexander Maconochie Centre?...

Kevin’s sitting loosely in the saddle

Former PM Kevin Rudd has no chance of a comeback. Or has he? It’s all a matter of who you’re listening to, says ROBERT...

Power prices stay regulated

ELECTRICITY price regulation will remain in the ACT for another two years despite the Australian Energy Market Commission's recommendation to remove it. The AEMC concluded...

Bike titles for Stromlo

THE Playground, a two-kilometre test track at Stromlo Forest Park, was officially opened today coinciding with the announcement that two rounds of the Mountain...




Ramsay launches ‘hands-on’ production course

ACT Arts Minister Gordon Ramsay today (August 13) threw out a challenge to young Canberrans looking for a hands-on career in the entertainment industry.


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