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Shameful toadying to not upset the minister

"Organisations have been taken hostage, metaphorically, by the ACT government and, fearing retribution, have succumbed to the 'Canberra Syndrome' and chosen silence and subservience over openness and honesty," writes JON STANHOPE

James Ashby rocks a few boats, including his own

It’s appalling, sinister and faintly ludicrous that Pauline Hanson’s right-hand man James Ashby and former Queensland MP Steve Dickson played footsie with the American gun lobby, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Clerical power finally comes a cropper

"Giulia Jones' arguments deteriorated when she attempted to align the issue of faith and child abuse with the recent massacre of so many people in the Christchurch mosques," writes MICHAEL MOORE.

Canberra’s big, fat fail for architecture

"All these ordinary apartment blocks and towers are not making the city streets architecturally appealing. Our main streets are becoming harsh environments of tower blocks," writes PAUL COSTIGAN.

Shorten’s unplanned ‘living wage’ plan

Shorten unveiled a process to have the Fair Work Commission phase in a “living wage”. But he has not said what it should be as a proportion of the median wage, or how long its implementation should take, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

NSW result gives federal Liberals a boost in the mind games

Morrison couldn’t wait for NSW opposition leader Michael Daley’s concession speech on Saturday night, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Shorten’s not getting ahead of himself, but the tape measure is out

With the election likely to be called in about a fortnight – the weekend after the April 2 budget - behind the scenes Labor is “measuring the curtains” of government, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Christchurch attack strains Australian-Turkish relations

Weeks ahead of the ANZAC commemoration at Gallipoli, serious tensions erupted between Australia and Turkey, after threatening comments by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the wake of the Christchurch massacre, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Failings reveal Labor government under strain

"While it's reasonable to expect any minister to take the occasional blow for the team, Meegan Fitzharris, as Minister for Health, is seeing her reputation being slowly but surely trashed," writes JON STANHOPE

West Basin blatantly a property deal

"Despite the best efforts of the City Renewal Authority to override the collective intelligence of residents, it is clear that the West Basin development is about money and keeping consultants and developers busy," says PAUL COSTIGAN

Morrison announces $55 million for security at religious premises

SCOTT Morrison has warned against “tribalists” hijacking policy arguments, declaring the migration issue “must not be appropriated as a proxy debate for racial, religious...

Skipping class makes for a great education

"I join with these vibrant young Australians in thumbing my nose at the narrow-minded comments of conservative academics and commentators along with senior politicians," writes former senior school teacher MICHAEL MOORE

Truly inclusive society requires political restraint

Terrible tragedies test leaders to the full, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Coalition trapped in its coal minefield

The rifts at the government’s highest levels are being exposed, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Barry O’Sullivan challenges Morrison over coal

QLD Nationals senator Barry O'Sullivan has struck back at Scott Morrison in the war over a coal-fired power station, daring the PM to stand up to the state government, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Party first, government second… voters a distant third

"Stephen-Smith presents as a typical ACT Labor politician... well rehearsed at skating across facts to build the dubious case for their in-house bureaucratic decisions on planning and development, writes PAUL COSTIGAN

Coal turns lumpy for Scott Morrison and the Nationals

Morrison’s government is struggling with a fresh crisis, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Turnbull’s grenade sets off Labor glee

"For the first time it appears that there is a real opportunity for a prominent centrist independent in the ACT to beat the Liberals and have a chance at ousting Zed," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Frydenberg has a great job at the worst time

JOSH Frydenberg is highly ambitious – in the fashionable jargon, you’d call him a “forward-leaning” politician. But even he must be surprised, reviewing the...

Moore / Liberals sense that sinking feeling

"Despite deploying fear tactics over boat people and attempting to change the agenda on climate, the Liberals have not been able to shift their standing in the polls," writes MICHAEL MOORE




Remembering the brave local lads lost to the region

With the centenary of the signing of World War I's Treaty of Versaille, officially heralding peace (not just ceasefire)it's a poignant time to think on those local bots who didn't make it home, says Yesterdays columnist NICHOLE OVERALL.


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