Pick Molongolo’s most likely

ONE of these Liberal candidates is likely to make a new member for Molongolo in the October 20 ACT election.

Why the certainty ahead of other candidates in other seats? With reports of recent polling by the ACT Greens and the Liberals showing the probable defeat of Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur, the Liberals are expected to reclaim a third seat in the seven-member electorate that, prior to the 2008 election, had returned three Liberals since self-government.

James Milligan, Guilia Jones, Tom Sefton, Elizabeth Lee and Murray Gordon will join Jeremy Hanson and Steve Doszpot as Liberal candidates for Molonglo.

It’s also traditionally the electorate of Liberal Party leaders Kate Carnell, Gary Humphries and current leader Zed Seselja, who at last election claimed the biggest share of votes in Molonglo.

But despite Seselja’s move to Brindabella, the polling apparently shows that the Liberal Party is in as good as any position to retake the third seat.

“The Liberal ticket in Molonglo is an impressive one,” Seselja said.

“Every candidate running has a genuine shot at being elected and would make an excellent MLA.

“The community is already responding to our message of changing this government so we can focus on local services.

“Every election is a tough fight, and we have the team to get the job done in Molonglo. I believe that with this ticket and a lot of hard work, the Liberals will take back a seat in 2012.”

In hailing the LNP win in Queensland, Seselja said it was clear that Australians were beginning to see the Labor reality over spin.

“The ACT Labor Government has let the people of Canberra down, pushed up the cost of living and failed to deliver local services,” he said.

“We look forward to the opportunity to change government and give Canberrans the local government they deserve this October.”

Pictured: James Milligan, Elizabeth Lee, Murray Gordon, Guilia Jones and Tom Sefton. Photo by Silas Brown.


James Milligan, small business owner: “We should take pride in Canberra and do what we can to help the local economy grow and help people get into the housing market and ease the pressures of cost of living.”

Elizabeth Lee, lawyer and university lecturer: “I’ve got the ambition and the spirit of community service. And because Canberra is where I choose to live.”

Murray Gordon, ex-Air Force serviceman: “I have a huge investment here in Canberra, mainly my three daughters and two grandchildren, and I’m not going to leave that to the current government.”

Guilia Jones, wife and mother: “Canberra families deserve better. Canberra families need to be able to find a house and find child care. That’s my focus.”

Tom Sefton, former commando and public servant: “I love Canberra, and I want to see it prosper. I want to see better services.”

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