Animal Liberation ACT speaks for the ghost kangaroos

kanga and joey

KANGAROO activists are drawing attention to orphaned joeys as collateral damage from Canberra’s annual kangaroo cull.

Spokesperson for Animal Liberation ACT Caroline Drew said last week’s decision by the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) to allow the cull sets a very low standard in terms of animal welfare, scientific evaluation and administrative processes that the ACT has accepted for government sanctioned kills.

“The Tribunal did not dispute Animal Liberation ACT’s evidence that a large number of orphaned joeys die from the government kills as ‘unintended’ victims. The Tribunal heard evidence of the ‘ghost population’ of joeys who are over a year old and out of their mothers’ pouches, but who are still dependent on their mothers’ milk to survive,” Caroline said.

“It was accepted by the government’s veterinary witness that hundreds of these joeys are orphaned during the government’s kill, and left to die from starvation or predation. But these helpless victims are not included in the government’s kill numbers – hence the ghost population of unintended animals killed during the culls.

“The Tribunal held that this high degree of unintended mortality is “acceptable”. I’m sure many Canberrans would be disturbed to know that allowing hundreds of these small animals to die a slow, painful death is now an accepted part of the government’s culls. That is a very, very low standard of animal welfare for these culls.”

[Photo by Ray Drew]

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