Behold Canberra’s brawling convicts

THE Liberals’ Andrew Wall wants answers as to how video of prisoners fighting in Canberra’s prison made its way to YouTube.

“Shane Rattenbury needs to fully investigate the authenticity of a video posted on social media purporting to show a fight between inmates at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC),” Andrew said.

“If the video is legitimate, Shane Rattenbury has serious questions to answer. He needs to explain to Canberrans how and why such activity could be allowed to occur within what is supposed to be a controlled environment.

“Firstly: how did the fight begin, and why was is allowed to go on? Secondly: a video camera or phone, both of which are prohibited items, appears to have been used to film the fight; what were the circumstances allowing such a device to be in a detainee’s possession? How many more detainees have access to prohibited items while in remand or custody? These two points alone suggest serious shortcomings in surveillance within the prison.

“ACT Labor, and now the ACT Greens under Minister Rattenbury, have a poor record when it comes to managing corrections and the AMC. If the video is legitimate, the Minister needs to explain how things can get so out of control. Allowing behaviour like this to continue within the AMC is unacceptable,” Mr Wall concluded.

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