Canberra’s parking just isn’t getting any better

After a short hiatus our pictures of poor parking around Canberra returns.

1) Sarah has sent this in:

He/she could’ve parked anywhere else along a 500 metre road and not blocked the walkway. But they chose this park to be most appropriate.

sidewalk blocked

2) I spotted these visitors from NSW in the Bailey’s Corner carpark struggling with faint lines and angled parking.

bad parking at Baileys

3) Jonathan had this contribution for us:

I thought this one warranted a submission. Taken at Lyons Shops this morning. And that’s effectively 3 spaces by the way.


4) A reader who wishes to remain nameless wanted to share this one:

ACT Police encouraging others to park illegally…

police parking

5) And finally Cape Street in Dickson remains a hot spot for people who can’t read metre high letters, or just don’t care.


If you see something like this around town do be a sport and email a picture in to .


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