Cyclists to be free to ride slowly over pedestrian crossings


SIMON Corbell has the happy news that cyclists will soon need feel no guilt at all about riding across pedestrian crossings.

“Cyclists will soon be better protected from traffic, with a minimum passing distance of one metre, and will be able to ride slowly across pedestrian crossings,” Simon said.

The changes are part of the government’s response to the Legislative Assembly inquiry into vulnerable road users.

Having carefully considered the committee’s report, the government has agreed to 18 recommendations, agreed in principle to five recommendations and noted the remaining five recommendations.

“The trial of the minimum passing rule will include a requirement that motorists provide a minimum distance of one metre in speed zones 60km/h and below and one and a half metres in speed zones above 60km/h.

“The government believes that a minimum passing rule will play an important role in educating the general community about the vulnerability of cyclists in relation to other more powerful vehicles.

Shane Rattenbury has welcomed the Government’s response saying “the reforms promised today cover the spectrum, from improvements to planning and design rules, new educative measures, infrastructure improvements, and reforms to rules and regulations.”

The agreed reforms include:

  • Planning and design reforms to prioritise vulnerable road users;
  • Trialling laws that require vehicles to leave a 1m or 1.5m gap when passing cyclists;
  • Reforms to allow cyclists to ride across pedestrian crossings;
  • Reform to drivers license requirements to ensure testing of responsibilities towards vulnerable road users and;
  • Community consultation on slower speed environments and changes to planning and design standards to create safer urban environments.

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