Even on remote rural roads you can get caught

THE ACT Parks and Conservation Service is encouraging residents to report dangerous driving and vandalism on rural roads after a driver was recently issued with an infringement notice for negligent driving on Brindabella Road.

ACT Parks and Conservation Service Acting Regional Manager, Tim Chaseling, said a driver was recently issued with the fine for negligent driving after he was seen driving in a dangerous manner and causing significant damage to the roadside verge and vegetation near Piccadilly Circus.

“The incident was photographed by a member of the public and reported to ACT Parks and Conservation Service staff,” Tim said.

“From there it was reported to the ACT Policing Rural Patrol, who were able to identify the vehicle registration, and the driver, and issue the infringement notice.

“It is disappointing that some members of the community engage in activity that damages our parks and reserves, however the community can help to deter this behaviour by reporting any incidents to authorities.

“ACT Parks and Conservation Service rangers and the Rural Patrol police officers have established a productive working relationship over many years.

“As a result of our partnership with the Rural Patrol, ACT Policing has issued a number of infringement notices in recent years to offenders detected in and around Canberra’s parks and reserves.

“Police action will continue to send a clear message that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Driving in a dangerous manner, especially on remote or rural roads, poses a risk to other motorists, bystanders, wildlife and the people who commit these infringements.

“We encourage general public to report any dangerous driving or vandalism they might see to help keep our parks and reserves safe for everyone and free from damage. Reporting this kind of behaviour does make a difference.”

If you are aware of vandalism or dangerous driving in any of Canberra’s parks and reserves, you can report it to Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 or contact ACT Policing on 13 14 44.


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