This week in beer… The India Pale Ale in Canberra and International IPA Day


SO I hope everybody is well rested after their day off yesterday. You of course did have a day off yesterday, as you celebrated one of my favourite days of the year, International IPA (India Pale Ale) day. This is celebrated on the first Thursday in August (August 7 this year) and I hope it was spent indulging in some of the great IPA’s available in Australia.

To the uninitiated, the back story behind an IPA is almost as interesting as the beer style itself. To withstand the long and arduous journey from the UK to India, and before the time of pasteurisation and refrigeration, additional hopping of the beer helped inhibit the growth bacteria which infect the beer (giving it a sour taste.) The IPA (with its extra hops) gives the beer an iconic, bitter taste, which is now one of the most sought after styles of beer available.

Now, if you have failed to celebrate International IPA day on August 7th, why not take this weekend to indulge in some of the finest IPA’s available in and around Canberra? The following is a list of the best IPA’s around our town.

Feral Brewing Hop Hog IPA:

My “go-to” beer. This bitter yet very sessionable IPA is a terrific example of just what Australian craft brewers are doing. Big piney aroma and a fruity taste with a refreshing yet not too overbearing malt backbone.
Available on tap at The Durham Castle Arms

Bridge Road Brewers Bling IPA:

This beer certainly has the piney aroma and typical fruit and floral notes of an IPA, but differs considerably from a beer like the Feral Brewing Hop Hog. It has a richer, darker hue than other IPA’s, evidence that it is considerably maltier than most other IPA’s. With full flavours, this additional maltiness does make this type of IPA somewhat less sessionable than other IPA’s.
Available on tap at Temporado

BrewCult HopZone:

Its use of New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops and the quintisential Australian hop Galaxy (think Stone and Wood Pacific Ale), it has a strong amount of bitterness. Exhibits an iconic piney and citrus aroma with a distinct bitterness and fruity, passionfruit taste.
Available on tap at Transit Bar

Bentspoke Sprocket:

When I mentioned that I had had one at Bentspoke, a friend of mine commented he did too and was so impressed he bought a 2-litre growler to take home with him, and my story echoed his exactly. This is a fantastic, American style IPA in a similar vein to the Feral Brewing Hop Hog IPA.
Available on tap at Bentspoke Brewing Co.

Bentspoke Crankshaft:

IPA lovers will love the Sprocket. However, for something different, try the Crankshaft. This beer exhibits many of the normal IPA traits, but with a much fruitier taste. The fruitier burst delivers a huge citrus, orange burst, like something from a pack of Starburst lollies.
Available on tap Bentspoke Brewing Co.

Venom Imperial Double IPA:

A double IPA is, as the name suggests, an extra hoppy IPA. This IPA has plenty of fruit notes that are backed by a rich, piney aroma. Big 7% pale ale with a rich, full flavoured malt backbone.
Available on tap at the Wig and Pen.

So hopefully with all this information at hand, you craft beer lovers know exactly what and where to drink quality IPA’s to celebrate a belated International IPA Day.

What’s impressing me?

  • Sprocket; Great beer produced by the brilliant Canberra brewer Richard Watkins at his exciting Bentspoke brewery
  • Hopscotch; New Canberra bar with an emphasis on craft beer, with brands like Endevour , Illawarra and Pikes on tap

Adrian Moran has been pouring beers for over nine years and runs a weekly podcast devoted to craft beer
Twitter: @ausbeerjourney


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