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“It goes unsaid that San Churro is a dream come true for those looking to share the joy of chocolate at Easter,” writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

I HOPE my personal trainer and mates at the gym aren’t reading this. They might have forgiven me if I had indulged in the chocolate protein ball, but I didn’t. Oh, no, I had to give the chocolate cake a go, having been told it is the signature dessert.

Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson.

It happened on a visit to San Churro Chocolateria, which isn’t even a word in my dictionary, but you can see where this review is going.

San Churro is for those who believe, as the Spanish do, that life is for living and that living must absolutely include indulging in decadent, calorie-loaded, addictive, sweet things (not all day, every day of course).

So what was my choice? Gulp, here goes: it was the signature San Churro Chocolate Cake. We’re talking a layer of rich chocolate cake, then a layer of creamy chocolate mousse, then another layer of rich chocolate cake, then a thick layer of caramel fudge, yet another layer of rich chocolate cake and a dusting of chocolate on top (all for $8.95 a slice). Did I mention there was chocolate?

If you believe chocolate is pure heaven then you might be tempted by the Chocolate Volcano with its gooey chocolate lava centre ($12.95), the moist and dense Death by Chocolate mud cake packed with fudge filling ($8.95) or the Toblerone Cheesecake ($8.95).

If you can’t handle a megadose of chocolate, other desserts include gluten-free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting ($7.95) and lemon curd tart covered with swirls of toasted meringue ($7.95). It’s all still “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”, but ,hey, life is for living, correct?

I must now tell the truth. I’ve been to San Churro twice. I first popped in for a golden churro (Spanish doughnut) with a caramel filling ($4.95). They’re made to order and trust me, they’re much more manageable than the cake I had unless, of course, you have three of them with a pot of melted chocolate. If you’re really keen, you can go for the Fiesta, which is 18 churros and six pots. And I dare you to try it with a cup of traditional hot chocolate.

It goes unsaid that San Churro is a dream come true for those looking to share the joy of chocolate at Easter. Think truffles, fondue kits, hot chocolate drink kits, chocolate discs covered in “hundreds and thousands” (called the Speckly) and loads more.

It was a marathon effort to try to get through my San Churro Chocolate Cake. I didn’t win the race, but losing was sweet in its own way. My personal trainer would be proud that I failed.

San Churro, 8 Bradley Street, Woden. Open seven days.


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