Barr and Rattenbury move to expand public housing

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ANDREW Barr and Shane Rattenbury have announced a cabinet resolution to grow public housing stocks.

“Today’s Cabinet decision recognises that as Canberra grows, so does our need for affordable and low cost housing. All the relevant Government directorates and Ministers have engaged in this conversation about the role of public and social housing in our second century”, Shane said.

Cabinet today supported:

  • Accelerating the renewal and redevelopment of ageing public housing stock
  • Responding to the needs and preferences of tenants along the proposed Northbourne Avenue redevelopment sites, by providing accommodation within the 800 metre corridor (including Flemington Road), in the inner north and the city, where possible
  • Growing social housing through new partnerships, innovation, intelligent design, public/private partnerships and specific project budget bids that align with Government priorities
  • Maintaining the “salt and pepper” approach to public housing in existing suburbs, and expanding this approach to public housing in new and developing areas

“It is no secret that much of our government housing stock is ageing and needs to be upgraded to better meet the needs of our tenants. We must respond to public housing waiting times and expanding our efforts to build new and more energy efficient housing in smaller complexes.

“I’m particularly pleased with today’s commitment to seek opportunities for modest growth in our social housing stock – whether that is as a result of the new ACT Government community housing strategy or through innovative partnerships with the private and not for profit sector,” concluded Minister Rattenbury.

“Today’s commitment to an accelerated renewal schedule for redeveloping old and out of date properties will bring many positive benefits to Canberra,” Minister Barr said.

“This will lead to increased development and construction activity across the territory which will help provide the most appropriate types of housing for those in need and stimulate the economy.

“Combined with the success of the Affordable Housing Action Plan, this new approach will allow the Government to better support members of our community who may not be eligible for public housing, but who may be struggling to find suitable and sustainable private accommodation.”

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  1. October 3, 2014 at 10:53 pm #

    Ya but still wont help the ones that need to be moved

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