Brendan asks why our Tourism numbers are going backwards

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brendan smyth

BRENDAN Smyth is asking difficult questions about why the numbers for Canberra’s tourism industry are suffering a post-centenary hangover.

“The ACT has recorded a decline on key indicators while most of the rest of the country improved,” Brendan said.

“This is particularly concerning given the fact we’re coming off the Centenary Year. The government should explain and outline a solution.

The June 2014 Quarterly Results of the International Visitor Survey show:

Nationally: ACT:

    Visitor numbers are up 8% Visitor numbers are up 2%

    Visitor nights are up 1% Visitor nights are down 12%

    Total trip expenditure is up 7% Total trip expenditure is down 6%

These results are off the back of the March 2014 results of the National Visitor Survey where:

Nationally: ACT:

    Overnight trips were up 4% Overnight trips down 3%

    Visitor nights were up 1% Visitor nights down 17%

    Expenditure was up 4% Expenditure down 8%

“The government needs to explain why the ACT has declined, particularly off the back of the Centenary Year. Is this a Centenary Year hangover? Is it a lack of planning? If not, what is the reason? It is very disappointing,” Mr Smyth concluded.


  1. There is very little nice but affordable family accommodation. We are not like other cities where families can stay out in the suburbs and catch public transport to town. Our hotels charge a lot for dated basic hotels and the only place I am aware of for family cabin type accom are old looking and in a desolate area.
    Transport to Canberra is limited to the car unless it is a wealthy family who can afford $400+ return for each passenger regardless of their age. Trains take 5 – 7 hours from Sydney depending on track conditions. And children on a bus for 5 hours – right!
    We also don’t spend advertising money on our attractions. I travel to major cities in Australia regularly and don’t remember ever seeing ads in local media about what Canberra offers. It takes effort in communicating what is here for anyone to bother making the trip.

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