Arts / Garage exhibition closes this weekend

Peter Vandermark '67.5 degrees separation', photo by Alex Hobba

Peter Vandermark ‘67.5 degrees separation’, photo by Alex Hobba

IT’S last-chance time to see the first show at The Garage Gallery in Ainslie before it closes.

Canberra artists Peter Vandermark and Kael Stasce are exhibiting in The Garage’s exhibition, both exploring, at different levels, the relationship between artwork and the space.

It’s an independent project, say  The Garage’s directors Sabrina Baker and Sara d’Alessandro in a garage offered by Danielle Salvestro

Born from the idea that art can be shown everywhere, even in spaces not traditionally devoted to art, it asks, do we still need a museum, a white cube, a case, a frame, a caption to tell what art is and what is not? And are we able to understand art in a private space, in a shop, in an office, in a garage?

Peter Vandermark 'conductor II', photo by Alex Hobba

Peter Vandermark ‘conductor II’, photo by Alex Hobba

The objects created by Vandermark stand between architecture, furnishings, models, maquettes and design, they say.

Vandermark’s most recent solo shows are Modulations at Canberra Contemporary Artspace, and the exhibition of his new works presented at Olsen Irwin Gallery in Sydney, both in 2014.

Kael Stasce, 'Frame 5', 2015, photo by Alex Hobba

Kael Stasce, ‘Frame 5’, 2015, photo by Alex Hobba

Stasce is a sculptor with a background in painting and, in his works he combines metal and wood structures and objects – such as gears, hinges, bike frames, and flat surfaces – with abstract painting. For The Garage he has produced a site-specific work through which he investigates the necessity and limits of the traditional white cube.

In 2015 Stasce won the CAPO M16 Emerging Artist Prize. Kael has exhibited in a variety of group exhibitions including shows at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, M16 ArtSpace and the ANU School of Art foyer and main gallery spaces.

The Garage Gallery, 6 Foveaux Street, Ainslie will be open from 1pm-4pm, Saturday, October 3, but at other times, the exhibition may be viewed by appointment to 0435 829995 or 0423 303 834 until October 4. 



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