Speed cameras coming to school zones

Speed Zones Lyneham PS 1

SHANE Rattenbury and Joy Burch say the government will be targeting speeding in school zones with the introduction of mobile speed cameras in nine ACT school zones today.

“The Government has initially identified nine schools for mobile cameras, targeting areas which have a history of complaints and speeding drivers,” Shane said.

“At St Mary MacKillop College, 15 percent of drivers recorded speeds more than 14km/h over the speed limit at certain times of the day when the school zone speed limit was in force. We also recorded a maximum speed of 144km/h at this location. Similar results were recorded across the other eight schools.

“One of the main reasons we have 40km/h school zones is that children do not have the developmental skills to make the crucial decisions to keep them safe when crossing the road. In a crash between a pedestrian and a car the chances of survival rapidly decrease at impact speeds above 30km/h.

“The fact is – kids are unpredictable. If a child runs onto the road 30 metres ahead of you while you’re driving at 50km/h in a school zone, then you won’t be able to stop in time.

“Unfortunately we still have a situation where people continue to ignore speed limits and show complete disregard for safety, particularly of children in school zones. Therefore we must implement measures to deter and penalise those who continue to break the law and risk the safety and the lives of our children,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“ACT schools are central to our community as places of learning and must remain a safe place for our children. I know parents will welcome the use of these measures in school zones,” Joy said.

“As Minister for Police, I have also made reducing speeding in school zones a ministerial priority of ACT Policing. This priority will work with these new initiatives to get drivers to slow down around schools.

“We all know children are our most vulnerable road users, but people who speed in school zones keep putting our children’s lives at risk. We’re all rushed in our daily lives but we must slow down around schools. These measures aim to reduce the risk of a moment’s inattention ending in tragedy.”

The schools included in the program are:

  • Lyneham Primary
  • Mary MacKillop College (Isabella campus)
  • Canberra Girls Grammar
  • Burgmann Anglican (Gungahlin)
  • Forrest Primary
  • Palmerston Primary
  • Aranda Primary
  • Calwell High
  • North Ainslie Primary

[Photo: Minister for Justice Shane Rattenbury and Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch cross the road with students from Lyneham Primary School during school zone hours. Lyneham Primary is one of nine ACT schools where mobile speed cameras will now be able to operate in an effort to reduce speeding and ensure the safety of ACT students.]

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