Liberals move for seperate water meters for unit owners

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ALISTAIR Coe says many Canberrans living in complexes are paying unfair water bills because of laws that force them to split costs with other unit holders. In some cases unit owners have to split bills with businesses that use much more water.

“Today, the Canberra Liberals will introduce legislation making it easier for unit owners to install their own meter, thereby enhancing fairness in water billing,” Alistair said.

“The Unit Titles (Management) Amendment Bill 2016 will increase owners’ ability to pay for the water they actually use, rather than having to split the billing with other units. This bill will aim to enhance fairness.

“Currently, unit owners can only install individual meters when an unopposed resolution of the owners’ corporation is passed, meaning it’s nearly impossible for owners who want their own meter to be allowed to install one. This legislation will reduce that threshold, allowing a simple majority of an owners’ corporation to decide whether units can be metered individually.

“This proposed legislation can still be amended and I encourage Canberrans with ideas to feel free to make suggestions.

“This legislation aims to increase the fairness of water billing in unit complexes. As this style of living becomes more prevalent, its important legislation keeps up with owners’ expectations,” Mr Coe concluded.


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