Digital edition 25 May

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  1. I am very disappointed by this article, in particular the photo chosen for your cover. I can understand this man’s fear for his daughter, but his story should have raised some very simple questions. First, how could he know the dog was unregistered or unchipped? Neither can be seen from the outside. Second asimple search shows “pit bull style” dogs do not get near 60 let alone 70 kilos. In fact, very few dogs do. St Bernards, Irish Wolfhounds yes, but neither of those have the emotive reaction the word pit bull does. Here you have a father understandably intensifying a frightening scenario. Him I understand. Your journalist no. He should not have presented a clearly exaggerated story as fact. The credible threat that has made to public safety is also of concern – and considering other acts of violence that have occurred in the world recently I’m appalled you have chosen to celebrate it in the article’s photo. Again, I’d understand protecting a family member from a dog but trumpeting his threat to seriously assault or kill another person is poor, poor journalism. This kind of sensational article does neither you nor the issue credit.

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