ACT emblem chosen after ‘close’ survey

Suzanne Orr

FOLLOWING an online survey to vote for an ACT mammal emblem, the Southern Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby won by a margin of just 40 votes. 

3514 people in the ACT participated in the online survey, and the survey results were announced today (July 31) in the Legislative Assembly by the chair, Suzanne Orr. 

The committee says it ultimately chose the Rock-wallaby for three reasons: it received greater support in the online survey; it arguably has greater potential to benefit from the increased publicity that would come with being the territory emblem; and because the species is endangered, while the Eastern Bettong (the runner-up) has an established population in Tasmania. 

“We learned during this inquiry that there is great affection in the ACT community for both the Bettong and the Rock-wallaby,” Ms Orr says.

“Given the incredibly close results of the poll, the committee invites the Assembly to consider the possibility of awarding mammal emblem status to both animals.”

The report is published on the committee website at

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