Bring out your weeds…

Weed swap… swap weeds for plants for free.

THE annual spring weed swap, where householders can replace invasive weeds with native alternatives for free, will be held on the weekend of November 3-4.

“Established gardens have older style plants, many of which we now know are invasive, such as privet, cotoneaster, pyracantha (firethorn) and hawthorn,” says invasive plants co-ordinator, ACT Parks and Conservation, Steve Taylor.

“Even some plants available from nurseries are known to be invasive and escape into our reserves such as gazania, freesia, Mexican feather grass, harlequin flower and Spanish heath.

“Lots of ACT residents don’t know they are harbouring these pest plants which can escape from gardens into bushland where they grow vigorously, threatening local plant and animal species.

“A range of attractive, native plants will be available for swapping, including small trees such as wattles, shrubs including Correa, groundcovers like paper daisies and native tussock grasses.”

Weed Swap will be held at Corkhills Green Waste Recycling Centre, Mugga Lane and CSG Green Waste Recycling Centre, Parkwood Road, Belconnen 8.30am-4.30pm.

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