Cool tips for pets as heat hits hot highs

WITH weekend predictions of about 34C on both Saturday (December 8) and Sunday, RSPCA ACT is sharing its tips to help keep pets cool in the heat.

“Did you know that your pet can experience sunburn and heatstroke?” says RSPCA’s Jacqueline Bunt. 

She suggests providing pets with shade and other sun barriers whenever possible to reduce their overall sun exposure.

“[And] don’t forget the sunscreen,” she says.

“It’s a good idea to use a non-toxic, hypoallergenic sunscreen formulated specifically for use on pets.”

But, she says, it’s also to important to recognise the signs of heatstroke in case someone’s pet is affected by it.

“This includes but not limited to excessive panting, weakness, vomiting, lethargy and eventually unconsciousness and death,” she says.

Jacqueline says a good way to avoid heat stroke is by avoiding the hottest part of the day.

“If your pet enjoys a long walk or run, it’s best to save that for early morning or evening when the day (and ground) has had time to cool down,” she says.

“Their paws can actually be burnt from cement if we’re not careful.”

Jacqueline has many other tips such as keeping pets out of hot cars and making sure places are pet friendly such as beaches and campsites. And, for people who do take their pets to the beach, Jacqueline warns pet owners to be careful because not all pets can swim.

“For example, some dog breeds actually find it quite difficult such as Bulldogs, Corgis and Greyhounds,” she says.

“If you take your pet to the water, ensure they’re supervised at all times and you may even want to invest in a pet life jacket.”

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