Dunne worries bullying will deter interstate health staff

WITH a “not-so-secret” culture of bullying in Canberra’s infamous health system, shadow Health Minister Vicki Dunne worries it will deter interstate health staff from working in the Territory. 

Liberal health spokeswoman Vicki Dunne.

Mrs Dunne says Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris’ bid to attract more medical practitioners and allied health professionals to ease congested waiting lists, both to see specialists and for surgery, could backfire. 

“Interstate health staff won’t want to uproot their lives to work in Canberra if systemic bullying is part of an already dire-looking work package,” she says. 

“Specialists tell me that it’s difficult to attract practitioners to Canberra because of the woes of our health system. A culture of bullying only compounds the problem.

“It’s no secret that bullying exists in our hospitals. It’s an issue that has been raised by numerous health staff, many of whom have said they were vilified when they sought help.

“Without safe and respectful pathways allowing victims to bring bullying to light, the bullying culture will only grow more toxic.

“Why would any health staffer willingly sign up for that kind of work environment?”

Mrs Dunne says with the toxic culture of bullying in the health system, along with old and poorly maintained infrastructure, and, now, no prospect of the SPIRE building until at least 2025, Ms Fitzharris’ chances to attract interstate workers aren’t looking good.


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