Goodbye carp, here come the natives

ABOUT 1000 Murray cod and 1000 golden perch will be released into Upper Stranger pond in Monash tomorrow morning (Thursday, January 18) to restore the native fish population following the draining of the pond and removal of carp last year. 

Upper Stranger pond in Monash where 2000 native fish will be released tomorrow morning.

“In April last year Upper Stranger Pond, along with Isabella Pond, were drained in order to conduct major works on the weir and build two wetlands as part of the Healthy Waterways project, which is improving water quality in our region,” said ACT government ecologist Mark Jekabsons.

“A total of 2.6 tonnes carp were removed from Upper Stranger pond. With construction work now at the point that water has returned to the pond we can release native fish which will be great news for local anglers. Due to the way in which carp out-compete other species, there were no native fish found when the pond was drained. 

“As well as improving fishing opportunities, the Murray cod and golden perch will help restore the pond to a more balanced ecosystem which includes feeding on mosquito larvae while young. Other small native fish species will be stocked into the pond at a later date.”


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