Grumpy / Big risks on the zebra crossings

Reader JENNIFER HOLMES, of Weston, is very grumpy about having had two close calls on pedestrian crossings

I HAVE been nearly run down on pedestrian crossings, not just once, but twice in as many weeks!

The first incident occurred on March 13 and the most recent on March 27.

In the first, I was halfway across the pedestrian crossing on Corinna Street, Woden, just near the Chemist Warehouse and ACT Health Centre, when a car on my left failed to stop.

The male driver was of Middle Eastern appearance and appeared to be in conversation with a passenger on his left in a car with DC registration plates. I reported this criminal offence to the police and I await a call.

The second instance was at the pedestrian crossing on Townshend Street, Phillip, near Colbee Court, when a car approaching on my right showed no sign of stopping and the elderly male Caucasian driver looked curious about my outstretched hand indicating that he had to stop. But I was the one who had to stop or I would have been run over. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get his registration plate number. I would have reported him to police, too.

These two instances of unlawful driving are two too many, aren’t they?

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  1. April 11, 2018 at 11:29 am #

    Unless our police start walking around more often they won’t see them either. The only police I ever see walking are buying their lunch.

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