Grumpy / ‘Free-range’ gardening on nature strip

Reader CHRISTINA FAULK, of Swinger Hill, is grumpy that her neighbour was able to clear the nature strip with impunity

MY neighbour decided, in January, to cut down several healthy, mature trees on the nature strip, that also holds a magnificent “heritage” tree. His excuse for this action was that they’re “non-native”. But neither are trees in his own courtyard garden.

After carting off three trailer loads of trees and shrubs to the tip, he later covered the now bare ground with plastic and mulch.

Is Parks and Conservation now allowing this free-range gardening on nature strips ?

I had informed them when it happened by phone and email but no action has been taken and the trees and shrubs that were removed, that filtered heat and noise from Yamba and Butters Drives, will take years to be replaced at the height and maturity they had reached when they were cut down.

Is Parks and Conservation the right ACT government unit to deal with – I understood it was an offence to cut down trees over five metres tall?

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