Grumpy / Is it littering or what?

Reader BJORN MOORE, of Gowrie, is grumpy at the way ‘The Chronicle’ is delivered to his suburb

I HAVE issues with the delivery method of “The Chronicle”.

I have witnessed it being thrown from the window of a moving vehicle (I assume this also occurs elsewhere across the ACT). It has been acknowledged that previous methods using “walkers” have been adapted over time to it being thrown from a vehicle.

I have raised written concerns on two separate occasions with my local Legislative Assembly member over the last few years.

I am concerned about this delivery practice because I believe:

  • it is illegal to deliver in this manner,
  • it amounts to littering, and
  • it is a safety issue.

Tossing an object out of the window of a vehicle is illegal – even having your arm out the window is illegal.

In my suburb the reality is that the paper doesn’t even come close to inside the property boundary line and, therefore, it is effectively littering on the street.

The street and footpaths are often swamped with this paper. Some pick it up and bin it, while others don’t and hence they become a mess with cars running them over and the rain soaking them. It’s a terrible look.

While laws are ignored and broken in the delivery method of this paper, I hope a person is never struck by a vehicle because the driver is distracted while throwing an object out the window. How can this delivery method be considered acceptable?

Any unsolicited paper/advertising not hand-delivered in the mail box, should be placed at local shops for people to choose if they want to pick it up or not.

This situation really makes me grumpy.

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  1. June 13, 2018 at 3:51 pm #

    As a walker, I see plastic wrapped copies (and very old copies) of the Chronicle strewn everywhere around my suburb near Red Hill. It is pollution caused by laziness. If this paper was put into people’s mail boxes, most would probably read it then recycle. I don’t know why the Government is not fining them for pollution. They block the gutters, they sit on dormant block for years, they kill the grass. Deliver them properly or prosecute them for pollution.

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