Grumpy / Unhappy on Yappy Street

Yappy dogs are a source of profound grumpiness for Curtin reader M McGREGOR

WHY do people buy yappy little dogs, then leave them at home all day to annoy stay-at-home neighbours while they head off to work, social outings and other commitments?

Why can’t they get a decent-sized dog, one that is intelligent enough to recognise folks next door or just down the street as being non-threatening and part of the local environment?

In our small suburban street there are only 18 houses, very few children, and yet there are some 12 or 13 dogs! Most of them yap at every passer-by, any strange noise, the postie, birds, planes, any other dogs yapping in the vicinity and any other unidentifiable sounds.

Even when the owners are at home they just ignore the noise their dog is making. Most of the dogs are rarely seen being taken for a walk (except for one well-behaved, non-yappy Labrador) and they are obviously bored out of their stupid little minds.

Contacting the Dog Control Rangers (6207 2424) is futile. They recently visited one home in our street where the dog sounded as if it was being continually mistreated. After a talking to, what did the owners do? They bought a second dog – a yappy little mutt – as company for their other dog!

And only last weekend a man walked two dogs, off-leash, along our street, allowing them to stroll through neighbours’ front yards at will.

When I pointed out that our street was not an “off-leash” area he said that he had every right to walk his dogs “off leash” wherever he wanted to. (They were NOT care dogs or assistance dogs).

What’s wrong with the mentality of these dog owners?

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