Grumpy / More native trees, please!

Reader TIM ROBINSON, of Lyneham, is grumpy about the government’s indifference to environmental vandalism, especially when residents destroy healthy trees on territory land.

NOT so many years ago the ACT government was very vigilant about the protection of native trees in our suburbs and parkland.

This helped to preserve our native flora and attract a variety of native birds.

Unfortunately, some healthy trees are now being removed by residents with a colonial mentality (if it doesn’t move, chop it down) and an inability to appreciate our native vegetation.

Our ACT government seems to be unconcerned about such environmental vandalism even when residents destroy healthy trees on territory land.

This sort of mindless destruction is bad news for our native environment and is diminishing the natural beauty of our city, not to mention seriously impacting our local wildlife.

Unless Labor/Greens politicians develop a stronger conservation ethic and ensure the relevant departments follow suit we can hardly claim Canberra to be the Bush Capital of Australia.

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  1. May 9, 2018 at 1:52 pm #

    The government is also not interested in replacing missing street trees in Civic.

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