Review / Lepisto’s whimsy ‘Contour’ of space

craft / “Jeremy Lepisto: Contour”,  Beaver Galleries, 81 Denison Street, Deakin, until April 29. Reviewed by MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.

Excerpt from ‘Enveloped 1’, by Jeremy Lepisto.

TWO themes or bodies of work make up this small exhibition. Jeremy Lepisto is exploring the idea of “contour”, a term usually used to describe the shape of a form.

The “Contour’ series depicts a simplified form of an industrial building, with a strong black border highlighting the “saw-tooth” edge of each form. The imagery on the forms reflect the nature of the buildings. Catalogue No. 4 “Shed 2” is in the form of a shed with a warehouse or industrial complex with buildings drawn on the wall – an elaborate shed. The imagery is simplified but immediately recognisable. In blue, green, yellow and grey glass these works would sit well in an industrial foyer.

“Factory 2” shows men working, a crane, truck and is a busy, working factory.

‘Factory 1’, kilnformed and coldworked glass. By Jeremy Lepisto –

Works in the second series, “Stack”, are in grey and grey/blue glass. Simple cylindrical forms – chimneys – taper slightly towards the top sit in fabricated steel bases. The bases form simplified roof lines and are a successful method of displaying the stacks.

The imagery on the stacks creates more of a narrative than on the “Contour” series. “Enveloped 1” shows what could be an early pioneer cottage with a verandah and morphs into a relatively modern house, with the trappings of a TV aerial, electricity poles and wires. “Enveloped 2” shows earthmoving equipment, while “Enveloped 3” shows a high-rise apartment block still being built, with cranes and other equipment in the background.

‘Enveloped 3’ by Jeremy Lepisto.

Lepisto has brought his wry sense of humour and whimsy to these works, as they encourage the viewer to re-look and re-think what is happening around them, particularly in inner north Canberra at the moment.

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