Spot Joe and win a prize

The Joe's are out there.

The Joe’s are out there.

DURING Motorcycle Awareness Week, which runs between October 13-20, “Joe Rider” will be driving around to raise awareness for motorcycle and scooter safety.

Canberra motorcycle advocacy group, the Motorcycle Riders Association of the ACT (MRA ACT) started Motorcycle Awareness Week more than 10 years ago in the hope the awareness would flow into every other week of the year.

MRA ACT’s vice president Jen Woods says the week was built around “Joe Rider”, a campaign that asks motorists to look out for Joe while reminding them to share the road.

She says if road users see Joe and email with Joe’s location and the time they saw him, in return their name will go in the helmet for a chance to win a daily $50 petrol voucher.

“[Throughout the week], we’re essentially asking other road users to look out for motorcyclists and scooters,” she says.

Jen says one of the biggest issues is tailgating (not allowing a three-second gap) which is particularly dangerous if traffic stops suddenly.

“We also want people to be aware that motorcyclists are allowed to lane filter to the front of traffic if traffic is going 30kmh,” she says.

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