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Slip anchor and head to the show, me hearties

Some of the crew (cast) of the Child Players ACT production of “Pirates of Penzance”.

Child Players ACT says its turning the stage into a pirate ship and getting ready to set sail on a musical journey, says production manager ANGE FEWTRELL.

WHAT better way to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, than getting tickets to see “Pirates of Penzance” which opens at Belconnen Community Theatre on Friday.

Join the cast and crew aboard ship to follow the merry pirate band as they tell the story of Frederic (a “slave of duty”), who is apprenticed to the Pirate King (“Hurrah!”). Upon turning 21, Frederic shall be released from his pirate “indentures”, and longs to lead an honest life.

As he seeks his freedom he comes across a bevy of beautiful maidens”, the daughters of Major-General Stanley (“the very model of a modern Major-General”). One of these maidens is Mabel (“take heart!”), with whom he falls in love.

Frederic is ready to see his pirate mates captured by the police (“Tarantara!”), however an awkward obstacle is revealed to him by his former nurse, and pirate maid, Ruth (“a paradox!”): Frederic was born on February 29, and thus is not technically 21 years, but only five!

As a man bound by his sense of duty, Frederic pledges to return to the pirates until he has seen 21 birthdays, and Mabel agrees to wait for him for another 63 years.

This production of “Pirates of Penzance” is a new adaptation by Director Dr Georgia Pike-Rowney and Dr Susan West, who have adapted the classic Gilbert and Sullivan production specifically for a young cast of diverse age and experience. The production will include a live Piratical Band, featuring Susan on flute, and Dr Peter Muir (flying in for the production from New York!) on piano.

The music, script and characters are adapted to suit the cast, rather than the other way around, ensuring that all participants, no matter their age, experience or skill level, are able to take part.

This show is suitable for all ages and aims to bring everyone together in song, hilarity and fun. Everyone, young and young at heart, will leave wanting to talk – and sing – like a pirate!

“Pirates of Penzance”, Belconnen Community Theatre, from Friday until September 29. Tickets from TryBooking

It’s all action in the Child Players ACT production of “Pirates of Penzance”.


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