Wine / Lingering memories of the bare cellar

"How do I know there were four young thieves? The act was caught on CCTV and their faces revealed to me and, subsequently, to the police," writes wine writer RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Airs, graces and decanting

"You decant for two basic reasons: to give wine a chance to breathe and to see off any deposits that might clag up the taste. It’s reds you decant; whites rarely benefit," writes RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Tempranillo and what the heck?

"In Canberra, no sooner do I taste a wine these days than I find myself pontificating to see whether or not it is 'good' and whether and why I like it," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Amid the vines of beguiling Beechworth

"As I sipped on the Pennyweight 2014 Beechworth Pinot Noir, with its lingering red fruit finish, I agreed with James Halliday that this place is a vinous El Dorado," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Pip to pulp, cab-sav takes some beating

"The wine was opened and the gorgeous ripe blackcurrant flavours with a firm but very smooth finish needed no food to induce a vindication of my purchase," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Comfort of a King Valley tasting

The Victorians have produced fine examples of Italian-inspired wines, writes expert RICHARD CALVER

Calver / Asking the acid question

"Having grapes that provide a good natural acid balance is good for winemaking as it involves less chemical intervention and additions by the winemaker," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / The ways of wine with food

"Food with a good matching wine is lifted out of the ordinary and, goodness knows, we all need to step out of the daily quagmire of our lives whenever we can," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Putting the pinks to the taste test

ACT 1 Scene 1: A priest, a rabbi and a vicar walk into a grog shop in Manuka. The shop assistant says: ''Is this...

Wine / An ‘acid bomb’ from the cold climes

“The Carpenters, who founded Lark Hill, are reputedly the first to have planted gruner veltliner in Australia. It does well at the altitude of the Lark Hill winery,” writes RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Lunch was all a bit of a Lark

"We arrived to be greeted by a wonderful vista, revealed through ceiling-to-floor glass that shows the golds and russet reds of vine leaves that are ready to fall," writes RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Discovering the secrets of sangria

"Oh, goodness, it’s filled with ice and does indeed taste delicious, but all the flavours aren’t registering," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER, stumped by the secrets of sangria

Wine / Steve knows how to make a big Barossa red

Steve Kurtz is a Barossa winemaker who knows how to make full-bodied wine. Wine writer RICHARD CALVER says his favourite is the 2016 Lunar Block shiraz, which is Steve's flagship wine.

There was something in the air that night…

"The quality of a wine can be linked to the place or circumstances where you drank it," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER in an experiment in taste that starts beside a river in the NT and ends in Tathra.

Wine / Oeufly good memories when fizz meets eggs

"Drinking one to three glasses of champagne a week may counteract the memory loss associated with ageing. I can’t forget that research," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Near miss from the wheel of fortune

"When is a bicycle not a bicycle? When it turns into a winery. Which we did a lot of, responsibly, sadly spitting out a lot of the wine once tasted. True, officer!" writes RICHARD CALVER

Calver / A glass of nostalgia brings back bad taste

"Hey, I remember watching Michael Jackson when he was black and I remember dancing disco style in a hectic but unco-ordinated way. I’m sure if I drank enough Sable I could do the same right now.

Wine / Challenging the old story of young wine

"Being young does not necessarily mean you are vibrant; being old does not necessarily mean you are wise. It depends on the individual," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Message in a (champagne) bottle

"Perhaps Rasputin’s seeming resistance to poison built up by scoffing champagne was part of the reason he was so difficult to execute?" writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Prosecco, it’s as Aussie as lamb chops

"Prosecco is as Aussie as lamb chops because it comes from grapes formerly known as prosecco and is grown here, mostly from the King Valley in Victoria," says wine writer RICHARD CALVER





People threatened, dogs stabbed in Charnwood stouch

A GUNGAHLIN man is alleged to have stabbed two dogs and threatened to kill a man and a woman with a knife following a violent argument in Charnwood yesterday (July 3). 


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