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Active kids

Success runs on huffing

IN an attempt to tackle the obesity crisis, children across the ACT are participating in the Active Kids Challenge. An initiative of The Physical Activity Foundation, the program provides schools with incentives to get children […]

The art of being a moron

IF you want to get my easy going eight-year-old’s dander up – show him something that’s been defaced with graffiti or vandalised. I’m not talking those wonderful, painted murals by schools or artists. He studies […]

What happened to service?

SHOPPING just hasn’t been the same without Betty. Betty, or “Satan’s Little Helper” as my husband liked to call her, was one of my favourite partners in crime. Working at a major department store in […]

The art of the sharp

The traditional Japanese martial art of Iaido is a great way for women to train because it’s not combative, says local student and assistant instructor Majdie Hordern. “It’s one of those martial arts that are […]

Memories of a lost past

THE chance discovery of a letter to a 10-year-old girl in a Sydney orphanage during the Great Depression of the 1930s inspired O’Connor management consultant Toryn Chapman to start writing what became “The Grey Cat”, […]

All curls and Botox!

IT was one of those tabloid headlines that left me gobsmacked: The story was about little Britney Campbell, the eight-year-old beauty contestant who is, apparently, the youngest girl in the world to have Botox treatments […]

Pressure gets personal

For years I have expressed bewilderment at suggestions by professional sports people that they are under more pressure than ever and I have struggled to comprehend their frustrations; after all, they are being well paid, […]

Cam and Lisa

Where are Cam & Lisa?

UPDATED VERSION Cam and Lisa are no more. The top-rating commercial radio team has been abandoned after Cam Sullings decided to resign from the highly successful MIX106.3 breakfast show. “Cam has resigned from the position […]