ACT QT: Shane Rattenbury, kindergarten cop?

"The Opposition are playing tricky games, reminds me of kindergarten," The Chief said. "[they're saying] We'll ask the wrong minister, we'll trick her." Question Time at the Legislative Assembly. If Jon Stanhope is right that makes Speaker Shane Rattenbury kindergarten cop. And he's in a nasty mood today, so watch out.

ACT QT: No disrespect to old skateboarders

The second #ACTQT for this sitting week was downright dull compared to the usual fruit throwing, insult hurling monkey business Canberra's finest politicians tend offer from 2pm at the Assembly.

ACT Budget 2010: Dissent drenched Twilight Zone

With the Liberals launching into a full-scale attack on the Greens Labor agreement, the first sitting day since Budget week has started with some crazy space-age punches.

ANU Student housing

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope, Federal Minister for Housing Tanya Plibersek and ANU Vice Chancellor Ian Chubb today announced that the university's application for National Rental Affordibility Scheme was a success and as a result it would build accomodation for 1023 students on City West land supplied by the Territory. But at $225 a week for one room, it's unlikely students needing "affordable" housing will be able to live there.

Blow a kiss for equal pay

Banners in hands, braving the cold, some 300 Canberrans (men and women) gathered outside the Legislative Assembly in Civic today to protest pay inequity in the community sector.

London Circuit/Northbourne Avenue deconstructed

Civic's London Circuit and Northbourne Avenue have gone all wild west of late with the streets ripped up revealing dirty byways beset by mud as the rain came down.

Community Noticeboard: You read it here, first!

The lovely people at the Chief Minister's Department have shared with us their "Community Noticeboard" that will appear in tomorrow’s Canberra Times (click...

ACT Estimates conclude with rocket science

The Canberra Liberals were up in arms this morning as Treasury Officials and the Chief Minister were called back to Estimates for the final committee hearing over the shocking news that unemployment has gone down in the capital.

ACT QT: the real facts

Although it only went for half an hour, Question Time in the ACT Legislative Assembly was blaring today, with Gallagher claiming to "debunk the myths" depicted in a slide-show by the Liberals at the Budget Breakfast Wednesday.

ACT QT: cartoons and kids

Back in the chamber for the 2010-2011 Budget boogie the ACT Legislative Assembly has taken Treasurer Katy Gallagher's numbers to task, particularly the Change of Use Charge changes, public housing and childcare. But something has changed... the Liberal boys have backed down.

Gallagher’s Budget, our growing city

"The net operating balance for 2010-11 is a deficit of $83.9 million. By the last of the out-years we expect the deficit to have reduced to $50.3 million." This is what Katy did...

ACT Budget 2010: the movie

Okay, so it's actually an audio slideshow with the amusing quips of Political Reporter Eleri Harris and Columnist Michael Moore, plus the engaging images...

Pollies’ sites for sore eyes

In a world where constituents increasingly gather information about candidates online, websites and social networking tools provide a powerful tool for conveying messages and garnering votes... how are the members of the ACT Legislative Assembly faring with two years till the next election?

ACT QT: regaining composure

The last two sitting days have been utterly exhausting, what with all the fuss yesterday over the ALP/Greens Parliamentary Agreement and its implications in Question Time, the old QT itself didn't even start until 4pm - two hours late.

ACT QT: Traffic congestion

Question Time today kicked off with a return to small business - this time over the news ACT Government payments to small businesses for services were late 20% of the time.

ACT QT: budgets, buses, guttersniping

The Katy Gallagher vs Liberal boys battle resumed today over the Canberra Hospital bullying review and the order to freeze non-essential hiring of public servants off the back of the $85 million GST revenue loss.

ACT QT: “I said I didn’t whinge”

The Opposition were on the media moment front foot in the ACT Legislative Assembly Question Time today, pulling out references to the ABC and Canberra Times left, right and centre.

Petunias: Making Civic infrastructure more interesting since 2009*

It is a sad fact of life that infrastructure is no page turner. It is hard to sell stories detailing inevitably forgotten promises about civic renewal projects, largely because they're full of lofty terminology and because they take years of continued investment to go anywhere.

ACT QT: Added insulation

Today was all about the installation of insulation in our nation's capital.




Two Belconnen accidents cause morning delays

Emergency services were called to two seperate accidents in a 300 metre stretch on Caswell Drive and Gungahlin Drive this morning (July 16). 


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