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Touch of the silly season at the Glassworks’ 8th birthday party

THERE was a touch of the silly season around the Canberra Glassworks last night as former board members, artists, workers and supporters gathered to help celebrate its 8th birthday. As we have reported elsewhere, immediately preceding the Gala of the Canberra International Music Festival next door at The Fitters’ Workshop was a free performance where […]

Review / ‘Unfriended’ (M) ** and a half

NELSON Greaves has concocted a screenplay for director Leo Gabriadze to deliver on a PC monitor.   A year ago Laura Barns, beleaguered by incessant abuse on social media, killed herself. Today, after watching the YouTube record of the suicide, Laura’s closest pal Blaire calls boyfriend Mitch on Skype to talk about Laura’s prognostication that […]

Fortuitous week of dance for Mirramu

AS we told you in our arts pages earlier this week, “Fortuity” is a project by Mirramu Dance Company and visiting Taiwanese dancers, celebrating 50 years of contemporary Australian dance in this 50th anniversary year of Australian Dance Theatre, founded by Elizabeth Cameron Dalman in Adelaide on 10 June 1965. “Fortuity,” the Macquarie Dictionary tells […]

The Portrait Gallery explains taking Joko Widodo off their wall

THE Director of the National Portrait Gallery, Angus Trumble, has explained his reasons for removing the photographic portrait of Indonesian President Joko Widodo from exhibition. He said he has taken the pre-emptive action to remove the portrait temporarily, in the wake of the news of and public reaction to the executions. “My feeling yesterday, on […]

Tillers painting becomes WWI commemorative tapestry

A LARGE commemorative tapestry, “Avenue of Remembrance,” based on a painting by internationally known Cooma-based artist, Imants Tillers, was officially unveiled this morning at the Australian War Memorial. Tillers is best-known in Canberra for his huge 1985 Kosciuszko painting “Mount Analogue,” and the subject to fa major retrospective at the National Gallery of Australia in […]