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Andrew Leigh has a book out

CANBERRA’S Member for Fraser, Andrew Leigh, has a new book out, “The Economics of Just About Everything, The hidden reasons for our curious choices and surprising successes”. Allen & Unwin are selling the hardcopy for $26.99, or Amazon have it for Kindle e-readers for a mere $9.99. No less august a personage than Annabel Crabb […]

Review / ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ (M) 1/2 a star

THE opening credits began with Universal’s logo, never a comfortable start for any aspiring film. Then up popped the logo of the BBC, which has made scads of good movies. Could that presage a mote of salvation, I wondered, for the quality of a film that, from pre-release publicity, promised little? There wasn’t. It wasn’t […]

Arts programs re-branded: enter the CCIP

ACT arts organisations have, from time immemorial, just loved rebranding, and yesterday the Minister for the Arts, Joy Burch, launched the rebranded ACT Community Cultural Inclusion Program. Yes it’s quite a mouthful, but it serves to cover a range of local creative and inclusive initiatives in contemporary arts and community cultural development funded by the […]