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Group Shot 2

Barr refuses to meet citizens worried about his investments in Whitehaven Coal

CANBERRANS who have been arrested in peaceful actions at the Maules Creek Coal Mine site over the past 12 months have gathered outside the ACT Legislative Assembly to call on the Government to hear their stories and to live up to their responsible investment policy and divest from Whitehaven Coal. Local residents from all walks […]

Nightrider to drop you somewhere near your door

SHANE Rattenbury has climbed onto a Nightrider bus this morning to launch the returning summer service of night buses dropping drunks home without troubling the taxi service. “Following feedback from the community earlier this year, the Nightrider now has more services to the suburbs. The bus will drop people off at the nearest bus stop […]

Expansion works finally come for the hospital’s emergency department

CHIEF Minister Gallagher has announced major expansion works for Canberra Hospital emergency department to deliver more beds while improving emergency services. “Investment in health infrastructure is one of the ACT Government’s highest priorities and this $23m expansion of the emergency department at the Canberra Hospital is the latest strategy to help deal with increasing presentation […]

Grattan on Friday: In Victoria, Julie Bishop is the popular face of an unpopular government

By Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra DURING Thursday’s extremely unruly Question Time, when Speaker Bronwyn Bishop ejected a record 18 (all Labor) members, Tony Abbott was asked whether he’d visit Victoria on Friday, the eve of the state election. Abbott avoided the question, just talking about his earlier forays – one of which saw that […]

Toot! Toot! Capital Metro to rumble though planning controls

MICK Gentleman has given the light rail line to Gungahlin a boost by legislating to remove planning controls over Capital Metro. “These changes are needed to ensure the first stage of the Capital Metro project can continue to progress smoothly without any potential lengthy legal delays,” Mick said. The Planning and Development (Capital Metro) Legislation […]

Public asked to pay more to political parties in electoral reforms

SIMON Corbell has tabled two reports into the ACT Electoral Act and introduced legislation making changes to the electoral system. The Attorney-General announced that amendments to the Electoral Act support most of the recommendations of the Select Committee on Amendments to the Electoral Act 1992, some of which include: Lower electoral expenditure caps for both […]


Ending periodic detention

THE Liberals’ Andrew Wall is in some dudgeon over legislation before the Assembly scrapping the practice of making low level crims check into prison for weekends. “Changes to ACT sentencing legislation will reduce options for the judiciary and increase pressure on Canberra’s prison and the Canberra community,” Andrew said. “The Crimes (Sentencing) Amendment Bill brought […]

Nicole Lawder asks why so many children are dying?

LIBERAL Nicole Lawder says the ACT Children and Young People Death Review Committee 2013-14 Annual Report released yesterday highlights ongoing and systemic issues within the ACT’s care and protection services. “This report is particularly disturbing because it shows the ACT is not improving in preventing the deaths of children, particularly those known to authorities. That […]

Hanson calls on Katy Gallagher to resign

LIBERAL LEADER Jeremy Hanson says it’s time for Katy Gallagher to resolve the ongoing issues with the Canberra Hospital Maternity unit or step aside as health minister. “After eight years of Katy Gallagher as health minister and five years since major problems surfaced within the Obstetrics and Gynaecology unit at the Canberra Hospital the Chief […]

Government legislation passes as expected

MINISTERS have been announcing the passage of legislation this morning. Andrew Barr has killed off the Exhibition Park board: From 1 January 2015, the functions, staff, assets and liabilities of the Exhibition Park Corporation (EPC) will be integrated into the Territory Venues and Events area of the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (CMTEDD). […]

Giulia Jones wants more data on domestic violence

THE Liberals’ Giulia Jones has taken the opportunity of White Ribbon Day to call on the ACT government to raise the profile of domestic violence by reporting statistics annually on the issue. “Domestic violence and harassment is a major issue and the government should seize the opportunity to have meaningful statistics to track incidents of […]

Another review into water pricing

ANDREW Barr has announced a review into the ACT’s Water and Sewerage Pricing Framework. There is an Issues Paper to go with the review. “The review, which will examine the current process for setting regulated water and sewerage prices in the ACT, is part of the Government’s response to the ACT Auditor-General’s Performance Audit Report, […]

Assembly committee looking for your Mr Fluffy feedback

THE Standing Committee on Public Accounts is calling for public submissions as part of an inquiry into the proposed Mr Fluffy bailout package. The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (the Committee) invites written submissions, from interested organisations and individuals, to its inquiry into the proposed Appropriation (Loose-fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication) Bill 2014–15 (the Bill). The […]

Shane wants to know why the ACT Government is investing in the Maules Creek mine

SHANE Rattenbury is calling on the ACT Government to divest its investment in Whitehaven Coal, the company behind the Maules Creek mine proposal. Mr Rattenbury yesterday visited the Leard Forest to lend his support for the Leard Blockade campaign opposing the Maules Creek Coal mine which will destroy over 5,000ha of forest. “Leard Forest is […]


A week later the hotels respond to boarding house de-regulation

LATE last Friday afternoon Katy Gallagher surprised us with a back door legalisation of Airbnb which lets homeowners with spare rooms monetise those spaces after they clear out the disused gym equipment. Even more surprising was that we could get no comment from the Hotels’ Association on this mortal threat to their business. Today, a […]

For the Centenary, we get a cancer chair

CHIEF Minister Katy Gallagher has announced the appointment of Professor Ross Hannan as the first Centenary Chair of Cancer Research at the John Curtin School of Medical Research. As Chair, Professor Hannan will oversee a collaborative hub for cancer research that will involve leading researchers from within the Australian National University, as well as clinicians […]

A special sitting day laid down for the Assembly to get the Fluffy buyback on track

CHIEF Minister Gallagher says the ACT Legislative Assembly will be asked to return for an extra sitting day to ensure the Mr Fluffy buyback can begin before Christmas. During the November sittings the Legislative Assembly will agree to meet on 4 December to consider a supplementary appropriation bill to allow $750m to be allocated for […]