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Planning tweaks introduced

MICK Gentleman has introduced an omnibus bill that makes a number of minor changes to Environment and Planning Directorate (EPD) legislation. “The Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 (No. 2) is part of EPD’s omnibus legislation amendment bill process which provides an efficient avenue for consideration of minor matters in a consolidated single […]

Zed wants to know where your $140 is

LIBERAL Senator for the ACT Zed Seselja is asking when the ACT Government will pass on carbon tax repeal savings to Canberra’s rate-payers. “Following the Coalition’s successful repeal of the Carbon Tax, local councils across the country have indicated they will pass on their savings to rate-payers,” Zed said. “The ACT Labor government is yet […]

Alistair Coe wants to know more about where the money goes

ALISTAIR Coe has introduced legislation into the Legislative Assembly to increase transparency and accountability in government’s expenditure of taxpayers’ money. “The Bill will require that the government disclose all payments for invoices over $10,000. Details about the payments would be available online for the public to access,” says Alistair. “The ACT government spends in excess […]

Brendan asks when the globe trotting Simon Corbell is going to fix Emergency Services?

BRENDAN Smyth says Simon Corbell is failing to take control of the Emergency Services Authority. “The failings are continuing inside ESA which is affecting both the fire and ambulance services. It’s obvious Simon Corbell is more focused on the government’s ill-conceived light rail project than managing lifesaving emergency services for Canberrans,” Brendan said. “The list […]

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Dog attack penalties skyrocket

SHANE Rattenbury has announced the passage of legislation that will increase the penalty that can be imposed for dog attacks. “Under previous legislation, the maximum penalties for a dog harassment incident and an attack incident were the same at $7,500 (or 50 penalty units). This means a person whose dog barks at and scares another […]

Simon says the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme is working well

A review of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme has found that the program saves participating households about $1,600 each. Simon Corbell tabled a review of the scheme in the Legislative Assembly that showed greenhouse gas reductions as a result of the program between 1 January 2013 and 31 March 2014 were the equivalent of 237,908 […]

Shane pushes for more community input to planning decisions

SHANE Rattenbury has introduced legislation to increase the level of community involvement and improve early planning processes for developments in the ACT. “This legislation would require a proponent to undertake pre-development application consultation with the community in order for a Minister to utilise call-in powers,” Shane said. “The ACT Greens have long opposed the use […]

Grattan / Interrogation of Gillard produces nothing new

By Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra During Julia Gillard’s evidence to the Royal Commission on union corruption, even Commissioner Dyson Heydon became impatient with the traversing of old ground. Trying to curb questions that had already been asked during the morning he pointed out that Gillard had been in the witness box a very long […]

Mrs Fluffy in her own words, explaining new Labor membership and action group operations

YESTERDAY afternoon the founder of the Fluffy Owners and Residents’ Action Group, Brianna Heseltine, gave an extraordinary performance on local Radio 2CC with Marcus Paul. They have kindly shared the audio with us so that those who missed it can reach an understanding of Brianna’s thinking. [Photo via facebook]

Brendan asks why our Tourism numbers are going backwards

BRENDAN Smyth is asking difficult questions about why the numbers for Canberra’s tourism industry are suffering a post-centenary hangover. “The ACT has recorded a decline on key indicators while most of the rest of the country improved,” Brendan said. “This is particularly concerning given the fact we’re coming off the Centenary Year. The government should […]

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Contradictions fly as Mrs Fluffy gears up to run for Labor

THE “Canberra Times” has the bombshell news that the convenor of the Fluffy Owners and Residents’ Action Group, Brianna Heseltine, has joined the Labor Party and is trailing her coat for a run at the Legislative Assembly or possibly for Kate Lundy’s Senate seat. Apparently she had announced her ambitions to friends on Facebook on […]