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Barr and Rattenbury move to expand public housing

ANDREW Barr and Shane Rattenbury have announced a cabinet resolution to grow public housing stocks. “Today’s Cabinet decision recognises that as Canberra grows, so does our need for affordable and low cost housing. All the relevant Government directorates and Ministers have engaged in this conversation about the role of public and social housing in our […]

The Electoral Commissioner now an officer of the Assembly

“THE members of the ACT Electoral Commission officially became officers of the ACT Legislative Assembly on 1 July 2014,” ACT Electoral Commissioner Phillip Green said today. “The Electoral Commission members join the ACT Auditor-General and the ACT Ombudsman as officers of the Legislative Assembly under amendments made by the Officers of the Assembly Legislation Amendment […]

Something doesn’t quite add up on Mr Fluffy

LAST week we were treated to the bizarre spectacle of the ACT Government Mr Fluffy task force asking affected homeowners to step forward (perhaps hoping the self-selected group would provide the coveted 95% satisfaction at the end of the process). Today the Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson wants the apparently clueless (or perhaps wilfully ignorant) government to […]

mick and katy

Mick Gentleman gets the nod for the ACT’s sixth ministry

CANBERRA’S worst kept secret was officially confirmed today when Katy Gallagher tweeted that the twice risen Labor MLA Mick Gentleman of Brindabella will be a Minister. Commiserations go out to Chris Bourke who “took one for the team” to secure coalition with the Greens but has not been wanted this time around. Caucus elected @GENTLEMANMick […] Audit Program 2014-15.pdf – Google Chrome 20062014 20332 PM

Brace yourselves, next year’s audits announced

THE ACT Auditor-General has announced her planned programme of audits. These audits are still in progress: Capital works reporting (Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate and selected directorates): Areas of focus: minimising waste in government / improving services and programs Management of debtors (Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate, Commerce and Works Directorate and other selected directorates): […]

Villers-Bretonneux artwork on loan to Assembly

LAST week as I was attending a meeting of the ACT Legislative Assembly’s art acquisitions committee, I turned a corner near the Speaker’s hospitality room and was astonished to find myself face to face with Will Longstaff’s brilliant painting “Villers-Bretonneux, ruins of the church.” On loan from the Australian War Memorial, the 1918-19 oil on […]


Memo to the IMF: there is no housing bubble

By Ross Guest, Griffith University AUSTRALIA’S house prices are grossly overinflated – if you believe the International Monetary Fund’s recent analysis. It says radical policies are required to deflate this emerging housing bubble, such as a stamp duty on house purchases by foreign residents and government imposed controls on bank lending for housing. The IMF’s […]

Brendan rails against the LVC

THE Liberals’ Brendan Smyth has taken umbrage with the idea that developers making huge windfalls from rezoning should pay something back to the community. “As part of the 2012 ACT Election, the government promised that its LVC [Lease Variation Charge] scheme would raise $100 million for ‘urban development’. Since then, LVC revenue collected has fallen […]

Call Joy Burch for all your solar panel needs?

“CITYNEWS” has been a little surprised to discover that the local Labor Minister’s former website domain of appears to have departed from the promotion of a local politician and has instead embraced the dizzy future of solar panel sales. Fortunately for all your ill-advised comment in her name by junior staff needs, a Twitter […]

Lower speed limits recommended to protect vulnerable road users

SHANE Rattenbury has welcomed the release of an Assembly Committee Report on ‘vulnerable road users’, such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders. Mr Rattenbury moved an Assembly resolution in May 2013 to establish the Committee, which has spent the last year inquiring into the matter. “The Committee has made several useful recommendations, covering issues like […]